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Short Stories -> 1. Jealousy in Love, is Love..!!

I always believed in the line,

"In-depth care comes from in-depth Love".

But there are many stages in carrying a Relation, which is a state of being.

Ego, this word meant to put an end to the Relation. It's neither Environmental nor Economical.

Jealous, this word meant to take a relation.. a step ahead always.

Are you getting me?
If not, i shall tell you a story my dear..
Buckle up ;)

There lives a small and happy family downstairs.A Mother, Father, Brother and Sister.
They usually spend a jolly time together. I see them daily. It's always a fun time when kids are around.
They always do what they tend to do. Such a pure Heart.

Coming to the Baby,

  • Her name is Vimudha.
  • Her Eyes are Crystal White.
  • Her cheeks are Chubby.
  • Her hair is Half-curled.

Initially, she used to play all above in the room itself.
One day, i was playing with a Jumping Ball by hitting the ball to the ground with my palm down.It was kind of a time pass thing, as the ball bounces back pretty fast.Out of consciousness, there was a quite slip on the grip. And i saw it fell into the Plants with Pots, down floor. I ran downstairs in hurry.
My eyes were wide open in search of the little ball. I couldn't find it, though. There is a store room down to the roof of stairs. I concentrated on it more now.

In the mean while, i didnt realise that the main door of Vimu- The Little Girl is all open. But the darkness had more space in the room.So, i couldn't signify i was in deep search of the ball. I was crawling on my knees peeping into the small holes/under thatches/etc.,

All of a sudden, my ears gave attention to some sound of Anklets. I thought it was coming from neighborhood. When i knew some one is peeping on to me, standing behind the wall. I captured that moment from the right corner of the Eye.When i crawled to the same right corner side to discover, who it is,, There's the little Angel in my Eyes.

She was smiling.. which she does it always. In curiosity, i called her name sweetly/prolongued even.
She stepped forward with her little feet by making the sound of her little Anklet, tied to her little Ankle.She spelled my name as "Nan" instead of "Nani". Surprisingly, She unholded her hands from her back and showed me the ball, which was tightly bounded in her fist.

It was quite a joyfull moment seeing/experiencing such cute moments with kids.

And she was just showing me the ball. "Neither she wants me to take it nor she wants to give it".
As i fell in Love with the cuteness of her deeds. I didn't even feel to touch the ball. I rebounded her both hands back to her spine. She just gave a smile and left into the room of darkness unleashing the vision of cuteness in my eyes.
Since then, we are friends.

When ever i pass by their window... she calls my name, so cutely.
I feel very touching and lovely,whenever she cries and yell's at her mom pleading to go along with me for a walk or Bike ride...
Many times my heartthrobed and i always bounded/wrapped her in my Arms.

One calm night...
She got up from her bed crying my name and woke their parents. Her mom even couldn't make her calm. So, she carried her up to our Flat and knocked our door. As, i don't sleep that quick.. i opened the door in fear as it was quite a late hour. But i have to say, i was shocked and overwhelmed to see Little Vimu at that late night with open arms asking me to take her on my shoulders.When her mom(Aunty)  explained me ,i was speechless. I just caressed her in consoling mode to make her sleep.

After she fell asleep, myself carried her to their flat. Made her lay on her little bed. To be frank, this thing happend many times.

Unfortunatley/Fortunately, Aunt(Vimu's Mother) took this thing in other way.
She explained to my Mom... Telling " Vimu is becoming far from me..." She is so affectionate and playful to your Son(Nani). But this is the tender age to stamp an impact in her Brain/heart as parents to memorize all the moments in the process of bringing her Up.

Ask your son, not to visit our Baby anymore... Please..!! She should be habituated with out him soon, before it gets viral in her perspective.

We want our baby in our Arms,
                             in our Eyes,
                             in our Laps,
                             in our Bed.

Aunt left weeping, as i reached home.

When i asked mom she told me the whole thing in detail.
I was thinking not with Brain but with Heart.
Gradually, i increased the idea of not visiting her.
I used to watch her playing from the top floor, when ever i got a chance.

I've got an answer to the Worry of a Mother.

Initially, i thought it was Jealous. But later i got the Soul-fact, that there is a lot of Motherly Love filled in that word Jelaous. 

I felt so proud.

Even my Mom would have felt the same, 
                                                                    if it had happend to her.., I concluded myself.

That very next month, we shifted our home.

Surprisingly, i got a Post from "Vimu" address on her name, in which i can see...

  • Her Photo
  • Sketch by her
  • Toys designed by her
  • Name of mine, on her pencil sketch.    
Tears would roll in my Eyes, eventhough smile arouse on my face.

That was the moment.

For the first time,  I felt Alive in this Dead world.

"Love is irrational"

Believe it or not,
"Jealousy in Love is Love.
  Enjoy the period of Jealousy and
  Feel the Love"

                                            I say...


                                                        I Mean it.

                                                                                                             With Love
                                                                                                       Tarun Puchakayala