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10 July 2017

Room No. 1069


 An intention with a desire is unstoppable. 


"What did the blanket say when it fell off the bed?"

     Oh sheet!

She was laughing out loud without any other thought in her mind. Her stomach was moving senselessly on my thigh. Placing her chin on my chest, looking into my eyes, making curls with my chest hair, she is having the moment along with me.

She: What are we doing?

He: Don't you know?

She: I can see it but I can't feel it exactly. Are you getting me?

He: Yes, your desire is playing upper hand to your heart. I understand.

She sighs and rests her head over my chest and tightens her grip. She doesn't want to go nowhere. Neither do I.

He: We are far from the city, friends, family and worries. Aren't you happy?

She: I am with you. I don't want to think about what I am far from.

Though I didn't understand what she meant, I nodded and pulled over the bed sheet over our bare bodies. Our warmth due to friction made us live the moment.

Most of the whispers were made under the bed-sheet. 
It was our first time, she wanted to give me a birthday present and it is it. Her gift wrapped and saved for all those years, wanting to bloom it to my soul, was out of blue. Kissing her collar bone, left loose her last piece on her body. Few moles were noticed. Shivers everywhere, fingers began drawing sketches senselessly.

The way she reacts, the way my fingers mold.

"Hey... I want to see yours" she whispered in my left ear drawing my waist nearer. It made me bite her neck only to make her moan louder and louder.We left our bodies to each other and we wandered every corner of us individually but collectively.

The bed went cozy and sweat began to mask our skins gradually. She was literally relaxed leaving me the freedom signal to do whatever I wanted in that room.

While I was caressing her lips, she halted me for a second and said "Did you notice our Room No? It is 1069". Stressing over the last two digits, she whispers 69 along with a breath leaving me stoned.

"Let us try that position" replied my hunger.

Taking over her waist, and a view to the sunshine valley, we were completely out of this world. Getting sensual to erotic to nasty, raging as hungry animals. Her honeypot was over flowing and my volcano was ready for the eruption.

Interrupting my volcano from erupting, she took me into her mouth sensually. Playing  over the toy was leaving her gags. Questions asked by her were many in between. I kept giving her instructions on how to do it and how to not.
"You are a fast learner", I said and that left a smile on her lips while she was tasting her owned lollypop.

"Let me get into you now. It will be a bit painful and I hope you are aware of it." I said warning her prior to the action.

"Go easy and gentle on me." She started kissing me and took my fingers and guided into her wet spot. I started playing the strings slow and oval. The whole universe started entering into her and her moans revealed it all. Her fingers were unable to decided what to hold on to and she finally caught my neck rigidly.

The play went on to go diverse and leaving us surprises.

"Shall I do it now?" I asked.
 She answered by spreading her wings showing me the gate to heaven.

"Don't make love, fuck me hard" she chanted while I was entering her laying upon her.

"Grey made sense for the first time to me." I said and she creaked a smile and then got lost with my penetration.

"Oh! What was it? What's happening to me?"
She wasn't understanding what is happening but her questions to my actions ensured her the right answers while I was hitting the right spots and high pitches.

Trying every position was our secret chat dream and we did justice to it.

"You have a mole on your nipple! Wow!" I shouted loud while playing it with my fingers and she took me onto her warmth hug and covered the bed sheet, firm and dark not letting any ray of light inside.