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27 July 2017

Love towards Art


Why don't you give a try?
Why don't you give a hit?

An Audition could change everything. Your life style, your everything. Is it just for you? May be or may not be. There are artists who started on a selfish purpose and became famous. On the contrary there are artists who deliberated for the soul of others and won hearts. Both categories are running but the consistency matters. Can't judge because an Artists mind and heart are bloody diluted.

If you take talent shows for example, art-enthusiasts and fame-seekers come with varying mindsets. But what all they had to do is PERFORM. Their act says it all. Whether they could sing or dance or do some other art form. I love singers who put bare their heart and soul. They bring goosebumps, tears, joy, etc., A song which is a blend of music, vocals and lyrics could literally move even the rock hearts.
                 Our mood decides the song
                 but the song changes our mood.