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9 July 2017

First letter

One thing from which you can't come out even when you are LOVE.
It is a calling. Though it is rare for many, I was lucky.

Found someone beautiful, funny, foodie and energetic. Couldn't argue more with my heart. She can hurt me as much as she wants to. I just want to endure her shadow and be there.

We fell in love and made love. The first time I made her feel the woman in her, she cried beating my chest in the darkness. The first time I made her smile, she tickled my heart with her joyousness. The first time I hurt her, she went mad at me and made me bother about her.

We both lived in a box of fantasies and feelings.

Though the brain warned not to let her hurt him, the heart whispered "only she can".

Variations... Two sides of the coin.

One side is her and 
the other side is him. 
Coin is the LOVE.

How far could we go in the pipe of love? It could have debris, leaks, breakages and many more. And foremost thing is, something should keep us moving. Right?

 With you beside me, 
 I am myself.

We, not being able to take the storms in us is named as a Breakup.

World is asking more and more. They wants to know the complete story happened in between us.
Though they never want to share theirs, they want to know our story. They want to know whether you went bitchy or did I.

I turned evil and did what am good at. Weaved a damn good story.
They turned evil against you they are calling you a bitch now.
                 (I saw a tag under a photo of you people as #friends4ever) 

It took me a very good time to analyze what's happening and why it's happening.

                  You were right about this.

I agree with you.
I wish the best for you.

Dwell in peace and prosperity... my Love!