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27 July 2017

Believe or not, purpose it is

When you were born, your parents weren't aware of your purpose to be born to them. They believe you are a precious gift from the above and from the ends of the heavens gate. Until a day came where you are robust about your memory and the people around you, things around you, etc., you weren't aware that things are things and people are people. Silly if you think of it now but that's the NATURE.

Nature and behavior of people and the way they use things is quite Ironic since the occurrence of evolution. I have been a huge fan and admirer of Evolution. Whether it be of our planet Earth or our Species. Don't you think there is a purpose for this? Most of the times, you must not have thought of these or this particular doubt wouldn't have penetrated in your brain at any point in your life.

 I'll tell you something. Last week I had to party with my friends and we were literally drunk. They asked me to perform something in their presence. I was standing there and for a while, I was dumb- struck. It happens, you know! For a fickle minded person like me, it happens often. After many defeats and failures, I have crossed the sensations of suicidal thoughts and I won over. Purpose hit my brain out of blue. I said that I needed a Fag and a Match Box. They gave me instantly and they were so drunk that they were throwing every stick into the air.

I held both in my hands.

Me to Fag: Hey! You... You have a purpose of your existence, do you know that?

(One of my friend shouts; SHUT UP!)

Me to Fag: Ignore that drunkard, hey fag! Are you listening to me? There is a purpose behind your existence. Do you know that?

The Fag maintained silence since it is a material. Materials can't speak even though you are drunk. You can sense it but it can't sense you. If you rub against it, there will be a reaction in the form of heat or some other thing. Materials are fragile in nature as well as Robust in nature. They are convertible and can change from one state to another.

We, the dominating species on earth have been learning about all these in stages. The stages started centuries ago. Some predicted and those some were found dead in the public eyes and outskirts of the towns.

Believe it or not, the purpose it is!