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27 July 2017

Believe or not, purpose it is

When you were born, your parents weren't aware of your purpose to be born to them. They believe you are a precious gift from the above and from the ends of the heavens gate. Until a day came where you are robust about your memory and the people around you, things around you, etc., you weren't aware that things are things and people are people. Silly if you think of it now but that's the NATURE.

Nature and behavior of people and the way they use things is quite Ironic since the occurrence of evolution. I have been a huge fan and admirer of Evolution. Whether it be of our planet Earth or our Species. Don't you think there is a purpose for this? Most of the times, you must not have thought of these or this particular doubt wouldn't have penetrated in your brain at any point in your life.

 I'll tell you something. Last week I had to party with my friends and we were literally drunk. They asked me to perform something in their presence. I was standing there and for a while, I was dumb- struck. It happens, you know! For a fickle minded person like me, it happens often. After many defeats and failures, I have crossed the sensations of suicidal thoughts and I won over. Purpose hit my brain out of blue. I said that I needed a Fag and a Match Box. They gave me instantly and they were so drunk that they were throwing every stick into the air.

I held both in my hands.

Me to Fag: Hey! You... You have a purpose of your existence, do you know that?

(One of my friend shouts; SHUT UP!)

Me to Fag: Ignore that drunkard, hey fag! Are you listening to me? There is a purpose behind your existence. Do you know that?

The Fag maintained silence since it is a material. Materials can't speak even though you are drunk. You can sense it but it can't sense you. If you rub against it, there will be a reaction in the form of heat or some other thing. Materials are fragile in nature as well as Robust in nature. They are convertible and can change from one state to another.

We, the dominating species on earth have been learning about all these in stages. The stages started centuries ago. Some predicted and those some were found dead in the public eyes and outskirts of the towns.

Believe it or not, the purpose it is!

Love towards Art


Why don't you give a try?
Why don't you give a hit?

An Audition could change everything. Your life style, your everything. Is it just for you? May be or may not be. There are artists who started on a selfish purpose and became famous. On the contrary there are artists who deliberated for the soul of others and won hearts. Both categories are running but the consistency matters. Can't judge because an Artists mind and heart are bloody diluted.

If you take talent shows for example, art-enthusiasts and fame-seekers come with varying mindsets. But what all they had to do is PERFORM. Their act says it all. Whether they could sing or dance or do some other art form. I love singers who put bare their heart and soul. They bring goosebumps, tears, joy, etc., A song which is a blend of music, vocals and lyrics could literally move even the rock hearts.
                 Our mood decides the song
                 but the song changes our mood.

22 July 2017

The Leftovers

We have seen love and the opposite. 
We drove miles for something leading to nothing.
We are the leftovers.

We seem full but we ain't.
We dreamed and woke up to routine.  
We are the leftovers.

We promised and showed our backs.
We wished for more than we had to.
We are all the leftovers. 

We traced the moving stars till we fell asleep.
We looked for the moon in the dark night. 
We are the leftovers.

We learn but won't share.
We love but won't express.
We are the leftovers.

                                                            -- by a Leftover

21 July 2017

Check yourself

"You never happen to go through something.Intention does."

Check yourself,
instead of stalking on me.

Clear yourself,
before flushing me out.

There never was a life without a reason. If there were, it must have ended as a suicide.
You happened to me so unusually, lifting me up instantly and then grounding me gradually.

How silly,
How modest and
How vague is it!

Oh love...
You thought you could get over it.
But it ain't that easy.

Sky is going nowhere.

You have to pass through me
and happen to me over and over.

I am going nowhere.
This is going nowhere.

Check yourself before you say;

Cheers Babe!
Mild! Ah!

10 July 2017

Room No. 1069


 An intention with a desire is unstoppable. 


"What did the blanket say when it fell off the bed?"

     Oh sheet!

She was laughing out loud without any other thought in her mind. Her stomach was moving senselessly on my thigh. Placing her chin on my chest, looking into my eyes, making curls with my chest hair, she is having the moment along with me.

She: What are we doing?

He: Don't you know?

She: I can see it but I can't feel it exactly. Are you getting me?

He: Yes, your desire is playing upper hand to your heart. I understand.

She sighs and rests her head over my chest and tightens her grip. She doesn't want to go nowhere. Neither do I.

He: We are far from the city, friends, family and worries. Aren't you happy?

She: I am with you. I don't want to think about what I am far from.

Though I didn't understand what she meant, I nodded and pulled over the bed sheet over our bare bodies. Our warmth due to friction made us live the moment.

Most of the whispers were made under the bed-sheet. 
It was our first time, she wanted to give me a birthday present and it is it. Her gift wrapped and saved for all those years, wanting to bloom it to my soul, was out of blue. Kissing her collar bone, left loose her last piece on her body. Few moles were noticed. Shivers everywhere, fingers began drawing sketches senselessly.

The way she reacts, the way my fingers mold.

"Hey... I want to see yours" she whispered in my left ear drawing my waist nearer. It made me bite her neck only to make her moan louder and louder.We left our bodies to each other and we wandered every corner of us individually but collectively.

The bed went cozy and sweat began to mask our skins gradually. She was literally relaxed leaving me the freedom signal to do whatever I wanted in that room.

While I was caressing her lips, she halted me for a second and said "Did you notice our Room No? It is 1069". Stressing over the last two digits, she whispers 69 along with a breath leaving me stoned.

"Let us try that position" replied my hunger.

Taking over her waist, and a view to the sunshine valley, we were completely out of this world. Getting sensual to erotic to nasty, raging as hungry animals. Her honeypot was over flowing and my volcano was ready for the eruption.

Interrupting my volcano from erupting, she took me into her mouth sensually. Playing  over the toy was leaving her gags. Questions asked by her were many in between. I kept giving her instructions on how to do it and how to not.
"You are a fast learner", I said and that left a smile on her lips while she was tasting her owned lollypop.

"Let me get into you now. It will be a bit painful and I hope you are aware of it." I said warning her prior to the action.

"Go easy and gentle on me." She started kissing me and took my fingers and guided into her wet spot. I started playing the strings slow and oval. The whole universe started entering into her and her moans revealed it all. Her fingers were unable to decided what to hold on to and she finally caught my neck rigidly.

The play went on to go diverse and leaving us surprises.

"Shall I do it now?" I asked.
 She answered by spreading her wings showing me the gate to heaven.

"Don't make love, fuck me hard" she chanted while I was entering her laying upon her.

"Grey made sense for the first time to me." I said and she creaked a smile and then got lost with my penetration.

"Oh! What was it? What's happening to me?"
She wasn't understanding what is happening but her questions to my actions ensured her the right answers while I was hitting the right spots and high pitches.

Trying every position was our secret chat dream and we did justice to it.

"You have a mole on your nipple! Wow!" I shouted loud while playing it with my fingers and she took me onto her warmth hug and covered the bed sheet, firm and dark not letting any ray of light inside. 

9 July 2017

First letter

One thing from which you can't come out even when you are LOVE.
It is a calling. Though it is rare for many, I was lucky.

Found someone beautiful, funny, foodie and energetic. Couldn't argue more with my heart. She can hurt me as much as she wants to. I just want to endure her shadow and be there.

We fell in love and made love. The first time I made her feel the woman in her, she cried beating my chest in the darkness. The first time I made her smile, she tickled my heart with her joyousness. The first time I hurt her, she went mad at me and made me bother about her.

We both lived in a box of fantasies and feelings.

Though the brain warned not to let her hurt him, the heart whispered "only she can".

Variations... Two sides of the coin.

One side is her and 
the other side is him. 
Coin is the LOVE.

How far could we go in the pipe of love? It could have debris, leaks, breakages and many more. And foremost thing is, something should keep us moving. Right?

 With you beside me, 
 I am myself.

We, not being able to take the storms in us is named as a Breakup.

World is asking more and more. They wants to know the complete story happened in between us.
Though they never want to share theirs, they want to know our story. They want to know whether you went bitchy or did I.

I turned evil and did what am good at. Weaved a damn good story.
They turned evil against you they are calling you a bitch now.
                 (I saw a tag under a photo of you people as #friends4ever) 

It took me a very good time to analyze what's happening and why it's happening.

                  You were right about this.

I agree with you.
I wish the best for you.

Dwell in peace and prosperity... my Love!