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9 January 2017

Hasta la vista

How dumb you must be to open this with an idea of reading it. The way I am for begging someone to be there with me when the decision was already taken. I was really dumb.

In the process of protecting something, we do commit mistakes unknowingly. A smart brain took it reverse. Silly. Selfish. I mean it.

I was always known that whatever we did in a relationship are kept secret. But when I knew it was all revealed to a friend circle. I felt really down on my self. I kept everything secret as per our determined rule of keeping it underneath. But the betrayal followed the denial here.

I did learn a few things though. I became a villain to some and I became nothing to some people. It doesn't matter now. I don't really care.

When it rains, you got to feel the rain.
When it snows, you go to play the fluff.

Yes, you had fun. I had fun. But I found and reserved love in each and every deed. But you hid it. Congratulations... you won the HUMAN award.

I gave a letter, a last letter. I didn't expect a reply to it.
I don't expect it too. I know how I shed the tears and you only know how you shed the tears.
Let it be.

I sometimes hate the rain but the clouds keep coming when time comes.
I sometimes hate the rays but the sun plays the game of hide and seek, often.
I'll preserve the feel which I have and I will stay neutral and wait for what I desired heartfully.
I don't feel ashamed for what my soul desired for. I only feel ashamed when the soul gets crushed by the deeds of the opposite person and that soul hones the permission and activity of brain at times.
As we know brain is a complex part. It is in control but it is not as much as we know. If it is in control we don't do bad things at all and vise versa.

The blame follows.
The denial follows.
The rejection follows.
The hatred follows.
The complexity follows.
The guilt follows.
The idle brain follows.
It pursues in the meadows of life and it keeps going on.
If some one new comes up with the name of LOVE or LUST, even though my middle finger gets injured, I'd strain and stress it SALUTE it to the newcomer.

I spoiled a morning.
I spoiled a friendly meet.
I spoiled a day.
Now, I spoiled a life. Yes, I'd agree. You did nothing. Peace out. Never again. I am a dumb ass to still have that same feel I had last year, the same time. How dumb I am? How wrong am I? I know. I will remain the same.

Hasta la vista.