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14 November 2016

Words and deeds, a play of survival!

Make words your Friends and Allies

Some anonymous author said; "Make words your Friends and Allies".

I got astonished when I read this line the 18th time. A great depth from the genius thinker. Every thinker is never considered as a genius. The one who puts the thoughts into words is meant to be named something. That something or someone can be either a fool or genius. The real thing here is a fool is always worried about being called a fool about the judgment of his works. But a real thinker never cares about the environment around. The thought steamed with great depths of struggle and imagination about future shall cope up from the surface of the rivers and float, streaming the way a river flows through the valleys.

A genius is named genius when he/she doesn't care about being called a fool.
Stay foolish... stay hungry. Many philosophers force us with their influential words on podiums and stages. Just to motivate us and let the mankind be inspired by the same words borne through the thought put in your leisure and times of discomfort. Many said me to feel the discomfort to see an array over the horizon. I am sparkling in my discomfort zone.

Words are the tools of thinking. It naturally follows, then, that the more words you have at your command, the clearer and more accurate your thinking will be.

Words are your medium of exchange, the coin with which you do business with all those around you.

With words you relate to people, communicate your feelings and thoughts to them, influence them, persuade them, control them.

In short and sweet pipe, through words you shape your own destiny.
"For your words are your personality; your deeds are you."
 For the survival, words got to keep flowing. For existence, deeds got to be kinetic.

Source and influence:
Dr. Wilfred Funk and Norman Lewis