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4 November 2016

Be kind to yourself but not to your Boss.

When you first attended an interview in a view of cracking a job and supporting your family. You wouldn't have thought of a negative vibe for a second. All those positive things which you say during the time of interview are all part of the game. Part of the game which has set you in the race all the way down to sustain. You are wrong Mr. Employee, Mr. Doer.

You were taught the ways and process to crack the interview. But if you aren't well taught about the way the job should be fullfilled. Then it is time for an Employer to take the resposibility here. In this case if the employer isn't taking any such, just sign it off. Be ruthless to your employer.

Ruthless? Yes, infact Brutal.
I'd tell you why. There was a guy who worked sweat off and thought versatile about the job, company and the broader picture with due influence and generousity from his Management. Things went well in the starting but later on new birds came and they started wave off the winds just like that. But this guy was sticked to his determination and thinking of new methods and plans for the company,etc., He was feeling strong day by day with every piece of knowledge he is gaining from the failures he had been kissing. He knew, his plans would pay off in one way or other. But the company never noticed his gradual growth in the broad angle. Instead, they have sent a Warning letter to him with the fear and greed towards sustainability and closures(money). Reading that e-mail, he has decided something which leaped his mind towards something beyond, which he never even dared off.

Now you can think of it. What he would have done  and how he had reacted. The ways are few, either challenge it or just quit. Quitting is easy my dear human. We are habituated to the comfort zones. We never intend to take the discomfort. But we got to take it inorder to see the rainbows from a view which is not seen by everyone on this planet.

If you want to work for a company, work. But don't get slaved.
Earn, grow, save money, initiate something, build it, energize your surrounding, be the champion, be a leader.
Shun the politics, show the equality and the direction towards growth for your employee. Then they would sweat off, elsewhere they would rip you off the core of earth which would cost you 6months of time and money behind.

Be aware of one particular thing.
Never enourage your employer be showcased to your personal life. They can judge at ease.
Do not give them that chance of judging you or your work by seeing your Facebook status in the midnight. You know how to handle things and manage time. You were a toddler once. But not today, not now.