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23 November 2016

B--> Y/E E/U

In the mid-noon, under the hot sultry sun,
met you for the first time in my life.

It didn't feel thunders and jolts in body but I was joyous.
Joyous enough for a life.
With no intention of anything about future,
we weaved through days, weeks and months.

In my contacts... You were the shy of all, I'd say.
In my pockets, I was dry of all, I'd agree.

We went under many clouds and leaves.
Striving for the rain and shadows.

Roads knew our destinations.
Cameras knew our deeds.
Walls and trees knew our secrets.
Chats knew our fights and intimacies.

We knew we'd stick a glue.
We knew even the glue dries up a day.

You kept compromising all the way.
I took it for granted. The way oceans take skies for granted.
I still feel the same, I feel you are born for me.

But you didn't want this ocean of love and emotions.
You need worlds, other planets, you are the sky.
I agree. I did explore you. You are beautiful.
I mean it.

No matter how good we be, worlds sights us in their angle.
We can do nothing to it.

We have seen the best and worst of us.
We knew the pros and cons. We know now.

Never a step forward to convince a heart. I don't want to.
A convincing thing can never be won.
For the time being it may be convinced but in the long run, it still goes on its own way.

This bird will never be bored of the sky you are.
Let your face be dressed with the brightest smile.
Forgiveness at your feet.

One view per a day for this blog.
The day that view doesn't look up to me, I'd believe you lost the love on this bird.
Until then, this bird keeps doing what it is good at. Loving. Writing.