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21 November 2016

An ant story for everyone who is exhausted

Once upon a time, there was an ant in a home. In the same home, there was a boy who was as mischevious as every other kid of his age. This boy used to do whatever strikes his mind. That moment. That deed. 

One fine day, he was exhausted trying something multiple times and he got pissed off trying the same thing multiple times. He just lay on his bed looking at the wall slantingly. Here comes the ant. It was just wandering here and there. Wandering around the world of the wall, the ant caught the boy's attention. 

The boy was thinking whilst looking at it. That wall must be a desert for the ant. It must be looking for an oasis. But let me poke it. The boy thought of having some fun by distracting it or disturbing it in some way. Deeming to his brain nerve, he took a small match stick and he got on his feet. He immediately leaned towards the wall to get a clear view. He put the tiny stick right in the way of that tiny ant. "It must be a 12 feet pillar for the ant, " he thought. 

The ant halted for a millisecond and started moving by surpassing the stick which came in its way. The boy got annoyed and started annoying the ant to stop it numerous time. Every time he did this, the ant did the same. It found its way around. It never stopped. It kept moving for the oasis in its own deserted world. 

The little boy got pissed but he didn't feel like killing the ant. It was a thumb away, to be frank. He has every possible chance to kill the ant but he didn't. He learned something from the ant. 

Whatever comes in your way, face it and keep moving. Keep trying and keep driving winds and rains. The boy left the ant on its way and got to his work resuming the tune of trying it and accomplishing it no matter what.