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3 September 2016

It will live.

It was an evening with lots of people around.
I forgot the thing that there are people around,
crying in her eyes, standing beside her,
crying in the skies, sitting infront of her, riding bike.

Every request ended up with a no,
I have lost her, I know.

Energy inside,
it's forcing something to let out,
but the pain is causing nothing,
Except tears,
wherever I am,
however I am. 

World around me,
has proven me wrong,
never to believe,
ever to trust,
but to love more.

My mind is somewhere in the college timings,
bus time, lunch time,  college time, home time,
strictly, I am in this. But I am working.
I do write. I proudly say it and I will live by it. No matter what!

If there was someone to share this,
I wouldn't have written this.

Blogs save lives,
yes it save me this night.

Stories are meant to be shared,
never to mention the name!
It's all written and craved on heart and soul.
It will live for the ages.