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3 September 2016


Long long ago,
I was born amidst pain and happiness. The way I am living now was never decided. It is raining, my windows are flashing every now and then. I had no idea that it would rain today. It is not predictable. Never.

Dark room, screen light, shining keys, blurred eyes, silent night and a dim soul. How many out there must be feeling the same way and hiding it underneath! I thought of it but it doesn't bother me, though.

Talking about life, life shouldn't be talked or judged between two ears. It is a word we use often. What makes you ask the question "How is life?"! Insanely stupid. You are born. I am born. You will die. I will die. But not now. TIME. Everything has its period of connection.

I have fallen for one. I have fallen for two. I have fallen deeply for three. I am dead and swept for the fourth. I can never go for the fifth. Coz, fourth gave me the first crush, soul, career light, ego, self-respect, almost everything. It blew me hard that, every piece of mine is crawling from places to reform again and be a soul stuck to her soul. How hard I hurt her, that hard she took for the whole time. Now she declared her independence openly, with the courage pebbled every week. Good for her.

I did make and took many for granted. For being human and soul, if am fucked up, then am worth nothing. This world is so corrupt that, it fakes and rakes to smile even when you drop tears of grief from the heart. This isn't a place to live anymore.

Not for the people or the desires or need, but for the corrupt souls from deep.
Sea is a good place to die. Let me die in the sea of words and dreams.