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8 July 2016

Live a life, spilling love


Look at you!
What are you doing?
What are you up to?
Know the reason of your birth.

What can you fetch to yourself?
What can you summon to your family progress?
What can you be for the coming generations!
Would you like to be just that normal human, who is forgotten in a month or two,post-death!

If so, just mind your fucking own business.
If not, look what you can do for the community and nature and the world.
It can be in any form; Art, Music, Poem, etc.,
If you are making someone think, you are a helper of human race.
Mental help is a good state of help for one's health.

It can do wonders. We aren't hitting rocks for a living. This is a digital world. Help has worn out to be a spiritual and psychological thing from physical form.

Everyone has problems.
Everyone think they have problems.
Everyone think they are in problems.

Decided to die? Wow! All these years, what all you have done and the struggle of your parents to raise you is going to end up in vain then! Such a foolish ass you are!

If you think you have succeeded anything from this, then die! Jump off the cliff! Take out that rope and hang.

It takes Nine Months for a birth to take place. You have decided to end it for one fucking silly reason, by forgetting your creator (Mother). So sad mate! Sick of you! Is your problem deeper than the homeless old man whom you daily pass by? Is it that you don't have a shelter or clothes to cover your flesh? No fucking way! You must be sitting somewhere in a better attire, under a damn good ceiling and probably reading this in some computer or phone post having your lunch or dinner of some tasty dish. See! You have everything. You are rich too!

Help the generous and needy (As much as you can). You are rich just because you are alive. Live happy with what exists with you.

Love heartfully. Accept the love which comes knocking your door of life. Learn from what knocked you out. Teach/guide the one who has gone through same. Don't keep looking for their downfall too. It's not right! We are the only one for us. Animals can't come to us and do what we do for our colleagues and friends and strangers. Just understand this.

Life is one gift, which can never be ignored and repelled with one! One doesn’t need to live 60years of life to preach about life.

Wisdom from the deeds of 24years is enough, I believe!

-Here is that 24year Old, I am Tarun, A Human.

Good luck to you human.
Spread love.
Shun hatred.
Web kindness.