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6 June 2016

I couldn't name this post, literally! I tried a lot :(


We dreamt of feeling the warmth by getting under the blanket. In a closed space and in the absence of lights, where we get to hear our breaths so keen. We dreamt of doing every crazy thing in such empty space arena's, where there is no other eye. What we dreamt is what we wished for. Our minds and souls are different and vary as much as our feelings. The pleasure of being with a body and soul is very crucial in the times of melancholy.

We have seen ourselves in the mirror of love and opposites. We have twirled in the winds of silence. The power of darkness and silence are most experienced together. How powerful the silence could be and how worse it can lead to. The mouths may be shut for quite a while but the mind, the silly mind is playing the same tune of care and worry ever since I saw you crossing the road in front of me.

Time passes.
River splashes.
Memories weigh.

It has not been a long time, though. I ain't feeling to show this face of multiple masks to you. I am ashamed. I can cut a deep root of myself to make you grow and fruit.

How silly I behaved!
How cruelly I behaved!
How sincerely I bluffed!

wow! See, That's me, baby!

I am a dead body. I am so cold, so soft and so harmful.
I will be endangered some day soon.

Why didn't I not touch the way I used to?
Why didn't I whisper those enchants?
Why didn't I say what I meant all the time?
Why didn't I say sorry from the heart on the knees?
Why didn't I sit beside you and talk to you?
Why didn't I dance with you?
Why didn't I write a poem?
Why didn't I sing to you?
Why didn't I caress you?
Why didn't I? Why?

I have no answer.

You have got a great soul and that is where I never got you in a right way. What all you did, I took it in a negative glance. It ain't right, right!?

The silence of that journey did itself speak a lot.

I will and miss you very very badly.
June 8th! Destiny!
I will never get that dare to say those 3 words to you. Blessed be your smile. Tiny eyes, cherishing smile and a hidden soul.
Be silent. Study well. Do your best.

Some day you will see my name in a good standard, just the way you wished for. I will make you proud my girl. Never worry, I have a lot more to write and lot more reasons to live for.
Wish you the same and hope to see you in a very good place, happy and satisfied with all the needs!!

We never dreamt of this, though.
Destiny! I see!

I have a question, though,
The day I gave your eyelids feather from your upper part of the chin, you asked me to place it on your fist. I did it and you wished something deep in your mind and heart. What was it?
Take this as my final question, though.
I really want to know that wish of yours.

Bless your warmth and breath!
Bless you!


From your Forever,

Imbued Writer