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23 June 2016


In and For are two variants, where either of the words conjugate to embed as one. Coming to my life, In she is, for a reason. 

Is and was;
now and then;
I and I used to;
will and would've;
living and staying; quite a difference! 

As an example; if we take a tablet. It won't work if it is used post expiry date. If you ask me why or question yourself about it, you are ass dumb. What the hell were you doing when you had the tablet? 
But may be, at that time, sickness was not even in the mere perimeters.
{Etluntadhe malla :P ;) }

The strings of guitar,
holes of the flute,
sticks of the drum; these are vital in playing the instrument. 

Loose strings,
clogged holes,
broken sticks; these are of no value until and unless they are fixed. 

Fix me.

I don't believe the good in me but I can sense the good for others through me as long as I breathe. Even you know this. 

Self Love?! I don't know how far I can term it to my soul. But there might be a glitch, I'd resolve it. 

What are you doing now? 

Even you are broken.
Are you gona fix yourself?
Are you gona fix me?
Shall we take it as neutral?

If neither of us ain't got an idea on this, let's just take some damn good time. Breathe baby. Breathe. 

Rain is for sure.
Summer is for sure. 
So, is the Autumn.

Fixing is the power grid in a relation. How horrible you fight doesn't stand a second if you guys know how to fix it out. Low maintained vehicle, low grazed cattle are both the same. Can't compare nature with artificial things but the comparison brings out the broadness. If you think, you are long gone, you are mistaken. You are still in my inbox, looking at my last seen, pictures, etc., 
I agree,
I do the same.
I am here, alive, breathing, hoping to fix this up for a peace of mind.