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23 June 2016


In and For are two variants, where either of the words conjugate to embed as one. Coming to my life, In she is, for a reason. 

Is and was;
now and then;
I and I used to;
will and would've;
living and staying; quite a difference! 

As an example; if we take a tablet. It won't work if it is used post expiry date. If you ask me why or question yourself about it, you are ass dumb. What the hell were you doing when you had the tablet? 
But may be, at that time, sickness was not even in the mere perimeters.
{Etluntadhe malla :P ;) }

The strings of guitar,
holes of the flute,
sticks of the drum; these are vital in playing the instrument. 

Loose strings,
clogged holes,
broken sticks; these are of no value until and unless they are fixed. 

Fix me.

I don't believe the good in me but I can sense the good for others through me as long as I breathe. Even you know this. 

Self Love?! I don't know how far I can term it to my soul. But there might be a glitch, I'd resolve it. 

What are you doing now? 

Even you are broken.
Are you gona fix yourself?
Are you gona fix me?
Shall we take it as neutral?

If neither of us ain't got an idea on this, let's just take some damn good time. Breathe baby. Breathe. 

Rain is for sure.
Summer is for sure. 
So, is the Autumn.

Fixing is the power grid in a relation. How horrible you fight doesn't stand a second if you guys know how to fix it out. Low maintained vehicle, low grazed cattle are both the same. Can't compare nature with artificial things but the comparison brings out the broadness. If you think, you are long gone, you are mistaken. You are still in my inbox, looking at my last seen, pictures, etc., 
I agree,
I do the same.
I am here, alive, breathing, hoping to fix this up for a peace of mind. 

6 June 2016

Chatting, an Inorganic implant.


Hope you are doing fine! As I can't question your state of being because of the physcial absence literally.

The way we are living may define our attitude but the way we act definitely defines our character. I am not judging you in anyway. That isn't me.

Technologies are taking over us. Surpassing our relations.

Recently, I had a terrible fight with my friend which happened over a chat. I didn't understand the silly mistakes I made in a flow at the time of our chat. But later after a while, laying in a dark room, I grabbed my phone back to see the whole chat. I was reading it. I was silly, she was silly, we both were insanely silly. If am alone is laughing by reading these messages, what if we both read our same texts sitting together. That's it.

I mailed the whole chat to my ID and then took all the prints. I asked her to meet over a coffee. She is here, she came, sitting infront of me, diverting and acting strange. At prime, I didn't want to come up with the topic with an utter fear of her bursting in my eyes. So, we had a coffee. Sorry, I had a coffee and she had a brownie so slowly, that I could have easily had atleast 3 cups of coffee in that period.

Seeing her plate empty and her chins coming back to normal, "Do you want to have some water?" I asked.

With my sudden reaction, she also reverted with the same intensity. I waled to the cafe desk with a stuttering smile on my face. After reaching the desk, I looked back and saw her fading away the smile.
"Oh girl!" I was humming and humming and humming.

Pardon! said the barrer, thinking I asked her something.

Sorry. Not to you.

I went back with the glass and placed it on the table in my league.

I thought the water was for me! She grinned.

Yea. But I changed my mind. Neither I will let you drink nor will I.

Crazy you are! Okay, What is the reason you arranged this meet?

Yea, Now lets have a session of fun if you don't mind.

Okay! Sure.

I took the papers out and placed a set infront of her while holding my set in my hands lousily.

Looking at the chat, she said; "Seriously!" Now are we reading this out to us!?

She began laughing and I was just acting serious for the sake of situation to be warm.

When she began and I intervening along with her, every serious fumed dialogue made us laugh when in person.

It made me lose the interest on chatting. It makes things worse. Though there might be the emoticons, it couldn't save a butt for a cause.

Note: Talk to her/him. Let it out. Slap if needed. But hug in the prime. It lets some heart hidden feelings and masked tears. Let it out. Live the life. Blessed be everyone of you guys.

Leo Tolstoy on Love, Reason, Human nature and its meaning

Tolstoy considers our faults and harmful behaviors rooted not in an inherently bad nature but in bad habits of heart and mind. Our redemption, he argues, lies in rewiring those habits and reorienting them toward goodness.

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I couldn't name this post, literally! I tried a lot :(


We dreamt of feeling the warmth by getting under the blanket. In a closed space and in the absence of lights, where we get to hear our breaths so keen. We dreamt of doing every crazy thing in such empty space arena's, where there is no other eye. What we dreamt is what we wished for. Our minds and souls are different and vary as much as our feelings. The pleasure of being with a body and soul is very crucial in the times of melancholy.

We have seen ourselves in the mirror of love and opposites. We have twirled in the winds of silence. The power of darkness and silence are most experienced together. How powerful the silence could be and how worse it can lead to. The mouths may be shut for quite a while but the mind, the silly mind is playing the same tune of care and worry ever since I saw you crossing the road in front of me.

Time passes.
River splashes.
Memories weigh.

It has not been a long time, though. I ain't feeling to show this face of multiple masks to you. I am ashamed. I can cut a deep root of myself to make you grow and fruit.

How silly I behaved!
How cruelly I behaved!
How sincerely I bluffed!

wow! See, That's me, baby!

I am a dead body. I am so cold, so soft and so harmful.
I will be endangered some day soon.

Why didn't I not touch the way I used to?
Why didn't I whisper those enchants?
Why didn't I say what I meant all the time?
Why didn't I say sorry from the heart on the knees?
Why didn't I sit beside you and talk to you?
Why didn't I dance with you?
Why didn't I write a poem?
Why didn't I sing to you?
Why didn't I caress you?
Why didn't I? Why?

I have no answer.

You have got a great soul and that is where I never got you in a right way. What all you did, I took it in a negative glance. It ain't right, right!?

The silence of that journey did itself speak a lot.

I will and miss you very very badly.
June 8th! Destiny!
I will never get that dare to say those 3 words to you. Blessed be your smile. Tiny eyes, cherishing smile and a hidden soul.
Be silent. Study well. Do your best.

Some day you will see my name in a good standard, just the way you wished for. I will make you proud my girl. Never worry, I have a lot more to write and lot more reasons to live for.
Wish you the same and hope to see you in a very good place, happy and satisfied with all the needs!!

We never dreamt of this, though.
Destiny! I see!

I have a question, though,
The day I gave your eyelids feather from your upper part of the chin, you asked me to place it on your fist. I did it and you wished something deep in your mind and heart. What was it?
Take this as my final question, though.
I really want to know that wish of yours.

Bless your warmth and breath!
Bless you!


From your Forever,

Imbued Writer