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2 May 2016


Eyes went blur,
ears went def.

Nose got running,
head got spinning.

Thoughts got racing,
heart got pounding.

Hands got shaking,
legs got numb.

Cheek on the pillow,
tears drawing wet lines.

Turning away the memory lane,
she is flashing those sober eyes.

I ain't got a nerve,
to face her.

I ain't got a soul,
to embrace her.

Messy hair,
lousy bed,
scattered books,
air flown papers, of poems,
she lives in those.
I did pen those with every rose.

Breaths are going heavy and the hope is being just a word far away in my mind.
Nowhere I am alive.
Nowhere I am dead.
Somewhere, I seem a silver-line.

I would die,
To get her.
To get her.