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14 April 2016

Now, Concern Is The Content

The basic words comprise the best content.
Writing understandable content is the tough consent.  

Articles are knowledge based.
Poems are wisdom and wit based.
Lyrics are hymn based.
Blogs are product and service based.
Editorials are society based.
Books are information based.

The ways these are biased in the general public is vague for a context. Categories are altered as per the usage. Articles cannot be used to tune music. Poems cannot be used to state a news. Individual representation has earned a higher vitality where the term usage parred the readers boredom. 

For a Poetry Blog, poems are considered as content. Whereas, for a Newspaper, well-phrased sentences subjecting the incidents or happenings is termed as content. 

When I started writing, I did know nothing about grammar or punctuation. But the love I aroused myself towards books has completely changed my life. With every end page, I got a charm of purpose to read and write, to create. Magicians do enact magic in front of people, physically. But Writers are the magicians, who make it possible with their weave of words, mentally. When someone is lonely and sad, they are reading my words and lines together and also the stories and poems I have jotted in my grief. This gives me a huge adrenaline rush, to see a review from a reader. 

I get the content from the people around me, from the areas I linger. I get the content from the acts and deeds happening on and off the screen. I acquire the illusion and delusions of many, in a glance and pass. 

The richness of the content will be known only when the writer endured and lived in his/her ink. Greatest armor is the willpower, where the greatest arm still stands as a pen, My pen. It opted me for a reason and I shall bring forth the reason unto you for a fortune.