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4 December 2015

No words to say!

Ringing... Ringing!

Hello, Dad!

Daughter:  Its water everywhere. It's water everywhere!

Dad: Whats happening? Are you in a shower? or what? 

No, dad... Its water everywhere, the whole street, whole yard, whole parking, whole colony, the whole city. If you know floods, it describes it all!

Dad: OMG! What's happening there? Since when? There is nothing flashing in the news. Nowhere. 

Daughter: Really? The  whole city is down dad. Communications mostly. Luckily I got my friends phone. 

Is it really nothing in the news, dad? I was wondering, why there wasn't a call from you since 2 days, knowing about the floods. 

Oh no, my dear! I was out in a camp from my office and there was no signal over there and you know the hectic work! Sorry, but I really didn't know. Else, I would have called to check your safety, right? 

Yes, dad. I can understand but I am really surprised to know, no news channels covered it. But it is everywhere on the social media. Help is coming from army too! People from the neighbor states are responding  well and many are checking as safe on Facebook to let/make their closed ones feel relieved. 

Dad: I am not on Facebook dear. You used to say me, you did 'that and this' on Facebook but never taught me how to use it, though. 

Sorry dad. I thought of but I forgot. Now am regretting. 

Dad: No regrets with dads! Keep calm now and I am happy to know you are safe. 

But dad, what if I was dead 2 days back and you didn't know till now? Who shall be blamed? Media or us? 

Dad: No such thing will happen to you. Blessings of god are on you all the time. 

But dad, How can you say that? Do you know the death toll till now? It's above 200. No one knows the correct figure. People are stranded everywhere. Nowhere to move. Shops are closed. 

Dad: Oh no! Is that true? My prayers and condolences are with their families. 

Ughh! Dad, Ok am hanging off. Bye. I will call when chance knocks me and say nothing to mom, she will be worried.

Dad: Be safe. Bye bye.

Note: Here, from the above conversation, should the media be blamed? or the typical parents (generation gap) busy life, least bothered of their kids? 

Whom? You should answer. You/One should know.

Media should know/get those ethics and show that myth stamped equality. Media covers some shit news as headlines, then, why not the floods in Chennai? Why the partiality? Don't say, our reporters couldn't reach Chennai or they are not in a mood to walk in the rain. People are bloody dying, it's a Natural calamity. If you aren't making the happenings as news, then you are nowhere in the dictionary of media and no graduated journalist knows the value of journalism.
(Those channels who are covering the flooding, Please do stop capitalizing at these times saying: we are the only channel bringing up these exclusive coverings to you. Stop it!) 

I can never figure how many parents don't know their kids' whereabouts and how many kids don't know their parents' whereabouts. 

Lord be with them and keep them safe. Do your part for a cause. I have no words to say, I have no money to donate, I have nothing except this blog and these words.

I was never in a Natural calamity and I have no right to write on something which I have never experienced. I am sorry for the loss. Human loss. 

No words to say!

Believers: Pray for Chennai. 
Atheists: Donate for Chennai. 
Humans: Act for Chennai.