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9 December 2015

No Nothing? Else it'd be something!

Now, after many words jotted by me. I finally got to hear that my words don't have a life. Sad it is!

Even though, I got a thought when and where I was banging my head against a visible wall saying, why the hell my words lost a life? Did they lost in a midway or from the initiation, they didn't have it? No particular thought is settling in my mind. 

Everything is kicking away the existing one, just the way a strong wind chases away all the leaves from the place I stood. It is happening for an initial glance and it eventually happened. 

The matter of leaving a book is only after completing it. If you haven't completed one, then there shouldn't be one. One way is meant to drive on the way. You can't drive 2 ways at once. Not even ghost rider!

The same things were plastered on my skin and nailed to my brain in order to change me. Since the day, I stepped into this thing,writing. I lost much of myself, my relations, my many, but never my soul. Hence, the soul is least cared in the materialistic world, it stumbled now and then.
Love is never the seed of lust but lust could be the seed of love.  Maybe the reverse thing!
In my place, the relations are decided as above,
  • It is love if the guy is rich and settled. 
  • It is lust if the guy is poor and not-yet-settled.
A bit of soul is least cared. The need of that seed is never a demand. Indeed, it always lays in remand. 

My ink got wet when she walked in along with my friends. But then the voice said; "nothing and bye", that was where my ink dried instantly, with the blows from the loving family ones. Pity myself that I am born as a radio. With every tuning station, my mood changed and at the end of the day, it brought me somewhere from where the shore used to be a dream for me and  island as a hope to me. But, to row, there is no companion. Getting out of a movie theater without any companion is easy but getting into a theater alone is insane. That is what, it happens when one is all alone left in the ocean. 

People are the ocean of needs and want. As long as the ocean keeps swallowing lives, the people will keep swallowing the people's lives itself. Strange it is'! 

No soul? No Pen!
No Pen? No Writings!
No writings? No blog!
No Blog? No writings again!
No writings? No Tarun! :(