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21 November 2015

Think of it..!

                   We, in the sense, We.
                   We, in the sense, most of us.
We the people of countries, states, cities and colonies have never experienced a ferocious Natural calamity and hence by we think that the Real problems are Love Failure, Financial Problems, Getting Cheated, Loss, etc., On the contrary if we observe, Daily morning we do read the newspapers, where the natural calamities and the deaths occurred are clearly mentioned in the paper which are no way published by any corporate personal for his happiness or any other shit. The newspapers work on a basic principle, that to make the people acknowledge about the most current happenings. Some people get influenced by the news from the papers and some people get awareness from the same. Basically it is in the way we think, assume and analyse. 

Fear is always there in one. What might happen? Where it might happen? What could possibly happen? What if it might not happen? Many like these haunt us. The word "happen" is a mind boggling one in the history of mankind. 

Where is the fear? Is it near? Where is it? 
You think you have it in you living in the safe, comfortable cities? You think. Don't you..!
The Real fear is out there in a baby where her bed is shaking and what all she can see around her are moving things, sliding away from the places and slipping down from the shelves. 
The Real fear is out there in a father who is struck in the midway due to the floods break away the pillars of the only way bridge to their village.

The Real fear is out there in a mother who is able to see her kids playing in the beach, and out of blue the tides are speeding towards the shore.

The Real fear is out there in a bed of whole family laying under one roof not knowing when a bomb is going to hit on them. 
A fear of death. A fear of love. A fear of innocence. In every possible way the real people or real humans are experiencing every roar of nature. They call it Mother Nature and I don’t know why!
Will a mother kill her own children? No answer they say!

Midnight while you are in a deep sleep, there comes a shake and you are dead. Even you wouldn’t know that you are dead but you will be dead. That’s for sure. How does it feel even to think for a second? Chills must be on your assets.

Your kids will be playing by the river side and there will be a sudden rise in the water level and within seconds if they are faded away in the gush. How does it feel? 
Tears would be your assets.

There are many problems. Some are caused by the fellow humans. Some are caused by the Nature, which in turn humans are proving,being the reason for it. But the way we are living in our society. The way we are leading our life in our society, our home, our colony, our state… is not at all a match to other people who have suffered.

We never were in a flood. Neither in the midst of the walls suffering a quake. Never a tsunami if you ask! We were never abandoned. We never flee from our place/colony/state/country to any another place… just to be alive.

Yes. It is happening. Humans are being named as refugees and are not being allowed into the other land and are being left alone in the oceans to be fear dead. 
Land is for the dominating species and We, humans are that fortunately. 
We, Humans are selling and buying the stones and plants among ourselves and even fighting for them.
What a pity! 
We, the people in here, living in safe cities or areas must have never experienced a natural calamity. Then, there is no way we can think of a suicide for the filthy problems we think we are having in real. They aren’t to be frank. The materialistic world has got your attention and your brain is just tracing it to some random destination through either ways.

We have never heard a series of bomb blasts, we have never seen a shower of missiles or barrel tanks from the fighter jets or fighter choppers. We have seen nothing and experienced nothing. Not even a bank robbery. We were never held as a hostage. We never know the fear of being held in a box of heated walls and eventually being left to be dead. Nothing. Nothing at all.

We are working for our stomach. Walking for our fat. Talking for our comfort. Stalking for our happiness. Earning with a greed.

“See the world with the eyes of you but not with the eyes of world.
Change the world with the hands of you but not with the hands of the world.”
Decide what you will do for the community instead of the regular..! I chose writing as I received a calling. I got it. I am honing it day by day. Sitting on my table and paper. What are you willing to do? 

Think of it. 
World will not change on its own. 
Each entity is counted to be considered a world.

Each entity it is.
I am one of the entity. The one who is reading this. Aren't you an entity? 

Think of it.

                                     - Tarun Puchakayala