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25 November 2015

Hands are hands

When I came out of my mom, two(2) hands touched me. I don't know whose hands were those but I was born is the proved thing, if you see me! Everyone must be touched by someone to be born. Shy wasn't our thing being born nude. We were fresh in flesh and weak in strength. Whose finger you must have held? Who must be the first person who touched your hand?

No answers! May be your mom could answer such questions!

A hand..! When seen is a usual thing. For a caution disclaimer, it can do most unusual things too.
A hand..! When seen in other hand, its a bit more a band for a normal hand. Not knowing nothing of the word, the usual thing seemed to be pretty unusual. The good thing seemed to be pretty bad at times.

Whenever I see that hand, I feel It was born to be mine, in my hand, twined. But it is far away from me. At this point of time, that hand might be resting under a head or may be doing something important or may be writing the same word, just like my hand. Anything can happen! Dreams sometimes get fulfilled miraculously.

The horizons never meet for us. But for an astronaut,  they daily do. May be not. Who cares?
When I came to an age, I fell in love and I knew that she knew her age post my proposal. When I am of no use, you honed my skills and I shall be your thing till we are buried in the eyes of our loved ones.

Sometimes the sun in the early hours acts like a moon in the cloudy and foggy skies.
If moon had eyes, it would have felt happy seeing the greed of humans. And coming to the sun, there is no need of an eye, it always keep burning to us, no matter what! We are just nothing for the sun. But it is everything for us. No flora and fauna can survive in its absence. No human can live without flora and fauna. Death would be the ultimatum to our race with the death of the nature... leading to cannibalism.

An act of anything can make something.

A small stone dropped into the pond leave a ripple leading to number of ripples. Just like us, good or bad deed, our act is a stone and your eyes will witness whether the ripples are of good cause or not. The outcome is experienced in every possible factor. The hand which pulled a soul from falling into a valley can even make one push off the cliff. How you handle your hand is the crucial thing. Crazy it is! How important a hand plays!

It can slap!
It can tap!
It can cap!
It can map!
It can gap!

Many more... what not! We see the newly born kids in our hands. We also see the dead infants carried by our hands.

I carried both of them. I lifted both of them. I sensed both of them. I buried both of them. Our hands do every possible shit in our whole life.

Fold your hands!