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25 November 2015

Dream to sail, elsewhere!

  I have a dream like many on this planet. I have a dream unlike many on this planet. I have a tear on the verge of slipping down my lashes. Just a blink and it will be cut lose cutting my barriers of grief, opening the way to many more tears. What am doing is the result of what I have done! Bitter truth is always the faced act.

The act of doing something on my own is procrastinating for a null sake. Why the null is in mind? I have no idea. "You have no idea?" asked my mind. I had no answer. I was dumb at that juncture. It was not even a crossroads choice to bang my head onto the wall not getting which way to go. But it was just a to and fro way point. Either I have to go or I have to walk back. I myself is being a statue for no cause. When I speak to my self, there is no need of vocal strength. There is no need of tongue usage. When the people around me are so selfish that they are even bothered to hear me, why should I even speak? I zipped my mouth with the stitches of buried humanity and varied mindsets.

Intending to pursue my dream, my intellect sought help from my brain, to activate all the cells and generate enough neurons. But as I and you know(I can never say WE as am well aware of my fellow humans), there is always a tales to a heads. In the times of decision making, there came the evil breaking the walls of my cells, haunting me and daunting me to spoil my flesh with enough and available addictive entities. A soul can't be portrayed without the help of a body.

My Brain asked questions as below:

  • Why am I rotting my flesh? 
  • Why am I fueling my evilness? 
  • Why am I drifting away from the dream island?

My conscience answered as below:

  • I am the culprit. 
  • I am the victim. 
  • I am the witness. 

Worried posture of my body in the midst of a problem can lead me nowhere. 

Labels of solutions are far away from me. May be way more far than my thought. May be it is the horizon, which I always dreamed to go to. In my dream, I started my sail. I started rowing. Rowing harder and harder the muscles and sweat out even in the sea breezes.

The waves started hitting me hard. They are obstructing me. They are tilting my direction. They are breaking my energy levels. But they don't know what I can do. Do they! No way!

I can breakthrough the waves and enter into the ocean and sail through the slit. The hope that I can reach the horizon label will be my will, a strong and robust will. Birds are teasing me catching and carrying away the fishes from the waters to its babies conveying me that "You have none but I do have someone to take care of". But I had way more things, which are meant to be dealt by me, myself. Silly bird never knows it. Dolphins are teasing me seeing my struggle. Whales are freaking me out through the sail. But they are just in the water, below me. I am above them. I am the civilized one who is able to think and act. I am the human who is being a dominion  over the living species and thereby shunning them. I am the one with the oars in my hands, sitting in my boat. I can row off these hurdles as fast as I can. It is just my mind what I have to prepare to row hard and propel. Winding out the shit out off my head and body, I can do things which I have never dared even to think.

"I am doing it now" is far better statement from "I am doing it today".

 An act is vital at its times with enough guts veined. 

Now in the mid way, if a soul comes and questions me about the dream I dreamed, I will just say "I am rowing towards it. Just get the fuck out of here and do what you can really do!" and just pass him silent.

The clarity which we have is the future of our eyes and hands. What we think and act leads to the things and places which we have to deal and see. They say; "Eyes are the most sensitive organs of our body".

A glitch in an eye is dealt with our finger itself. Else-what!
An itch on our body can be dealt with out nails itself. Else-what!
A pitch in our brain can be dealt with out eyes itself. Else-what!

My eyes are open letting off the glitch. My body is robust cleared from the scratches. My pitch is perfect denoting the unwanted sights.

Hands are on the ores caught firm and fit. Body is erect with a determined health. Eyes are wide open looking the horizon far there. I shall reach my goal, elsewhere!


Note to You:

You must have got a dream to sail. Then what are you waiting for? The monsoons? Move that ass man! The days are filling up with vacuum. The eyes are filling up with dirt. The spirit is filling up with narcotics. 

Let's clear them all. Let's wash our eyes. 
Let's clean our spirits with a pure spirit. It is our run. Only we can justify it by doing it on our own. The way we do shall set an example to our evil brain and punch it on its blind face for diverting us off the coast. 

Tarun Puchakayala