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13 November 2015

Move on..!


I know you are reading this and I know you are curious to read the below lines but I am not feeling like writing the bad of me in a good way. Not at all. May be, I wouldn't really think of writing good of me in a bad way for a good cause. Did you get this? If not... Read again. No issues. It's just the above line.

We all think of many things. We all dream of many things. We all plan for many things. We all  strive for many things, or may be for a few things. Not every dream turns out to be true. Not every plan gets executed. Not every sweat drop is justified. It doesn't matter what it is but when you are unable to get it post rigorous trials... It must be a true ache.

When you can't climb a tree to save a life, cut the branch. But not the one on which you have to step on to climb. 

Proverbs have a great in-depth meaning. Some think and assume it as some psychological drifts. But it is really not. It was never so. Every proverb/saying came from a broken human and also from the one who has seen the life in a much different perspective a =  and thereby enhanced the value of it. 

Every one can see but not every one can really see the pain in one. You may say, it is only possible to the loved ones. 

If it is so, psychologists wouldn't be there and here in our own city curing hundreds of patients who are suffering from Anxiety and Depression disorders. 

They did what they felt to do and also what they really wanted to do. Some people really gets the life straight in their minds. Study  --> Job --> Marriage --> Kids --> Educate them --> Settled. Who asked you to bring a life onto earth? Who forced you to take a burden on yourself and struggle all the life? All your life you have wasted the time and money(time is money)  on the kid you bore. 

I agree.. if our parents had thought in this way.. there wouldn't be ME and YOU. But may be our birth could have taken place a few years later. But even after that if the same system goes on rolling from the ancestors to heirs, there would be no meaning to your life. 

I learned some things in my life till now. 

# Be cautious from the evil of your fellow humans

# Be helpful  to your fellow humans (Even if you got to see an enemy of you getting into a trouble or into some accident, don't even think of the past which has gone... Go give your hand and your soul shall be happy)

# Be resourceful  to the youngsters and to the needy with the knowledge you have. (Knowledge is for sharing, you are not a hard disc to save enough in your filthy brain. Format it sometimes and Scan where it will reboot itself back to your main screen)

# Be Independent

# Be a god of friend(Spilling the seeds of goodness around your friends)

# Educate yourself as much as you can(Learn as much as you can. It is a big world out there, 7 continents, 4 seasons, 7 oceans, Billions of people and numerous species of flora and fauna)

# Forget the good you have done to someone and also forgive and forget the bad they have done to you. 

# Mingle at ease and float all the way up from the pulling hands. 

# Love your parents and be a boon to them(You should be the reason of their smile) 

The things which we must have done and which we have never done or never dared to must have already been done by the person behind you. The person who is daily walking along to the bus bay must be a cold blooded murderer. The person who looks always smiling in your office or college must be facing hell of a problems in the respective personal life. The kid who is playing in front of you must be fighting cancer or some disease or may be the death must be a 2 days away from the kid. We never know. Don't judge them. Don't underestimate them. Don't criticize them. Don't hate them. Don't neglect them. 

Once I ignored a call of my friend thinking he must have planned something freaky and out of my interest I couldn't say no to him for his happiness. I really couldn't. But in the late hours of that day I got to know that he met with an accident. Next day I said sorry and from then, I never ignored a call . 

I started saying a straight NO to my friends. In-order to upgrade my self and focus on my work, I had to say a No and I straight forwardly did it. 

No regrets. You can also try it. But I meet them occasionally when I feel to by directly knocking their door. 

We see many things but we learn very little things from it. The deed of yours may be of a great help to someone. The bottle that you have littered on the road must have been of a great use to a guy who broke down with the vapor of petrol. And at the same time, someone must have lost control of the bike and hurt very bad. Just because of that bottle you littered. 

Every thing you do and everything you use would be of a great impact on others. That is for sure. 

Be a caution-er.  Be a learner. Be a giver. Be a well-wisher. Be a Lover. Be a forgiver. Be a  product for the betterment of the future. 

What all I can really say from the lesson and memory of my till dated life is;

Discover a new thing in you and then invent a better thing for the mankind from which they can make the best.

You still got the minus years from the death of your  conscience.

It is just a turn where you got to regulate your patience, in-order to never derail from the track called life and drive an essence of Natural life.

If you want to witness the world sitting by the window, you got to move on.