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25 November 2015

Hands are hands

When I came out of my mom, two(2) hands touched me. I don't know whose hands were those but I was born is the proved thing, if you see me! Everyone must be touched by someone to be born. Shy wasn't our thing being born nude. We were fresh in flesh and weak in strength. Whose finger you must have held? Who must be the first person who touched your hand?

No answers! May be your mom could answer such questions!

A hand..! When seen is a usual thing. For a caution disclaimer, it can do most unusual things too.
A hand..! When seen in other hand, its a bit more a band for a normal hand. Not knowing nothing of the word, the usual thing seemed to be pretty unusual. The good thing seemed to be pretty bad at times.

Whenever I see that hand, I feel It was born to be mine, in my hand, twined. But it is far away from me. At this point of time, that hand might be resting under a head or may be doing something important or may be writing the same word, just like my hand. Anything can happen! Dreams sometimes get fulfilled miraculously.

The horizons never meet for us. But for an astronaut,  they daily do. May be not. Who cares?
When I came to an age, I fell in love and I knew that she knew her age post my proposal. When I am of no use, you honed my skills and I shall be your thing till we are buried in the eyes of our loved ones.

Sometimes the sun in the early hours acts like a moon in the cloudy and foggy skies.
If moon had eyes, it would have felt happy seeing the greed of humans. And coming to the sun, there is no need of an eye, it always keep burning to us, no matter what! We are just nothing for the sun. But it is everything for us. No flora and fauna can survive in its absence. No human can live without flora and fauna. Death would be the ultimatum to our race with the death of the nature... leading to cannibalism.

An act of anything can make something.

A small stone dropped into the pond leave a ripple leading to number of ripples. Just like us, good or bad deed, our act is a stone and your eyes will witness whether the ripples are of good cause or not. The outcome is experienced in every possible factor. The hand which pulled a soul from falling into a valley can even make one push off the cliff. How you handle your hand is the crucial thing. Crazy it is! How important a hand plays!

It can slap!
It can tap!
It can cap!
It can map!
It can gap!

Many more... what not! We see the newly born kids in our hands. We also see the dead infants carried by our hands.

I carried both of them. I lifted both of them. I sensed both of them. I buried both of them. Our hands do every possible shit in our whole life.

Fold your hands!

Dream to sail, elsewhere!

  I have a dream like many on this planet. I have a dream unlike many on this planet. I have a tear on the verge of slipping down my lashes. Just a blink and it will be cut lose cutting my barriers of grief, opening the way to many more tears. What am doing is the result of what I have done! Bitter truth is always the faced act.

The act of doing something on my own is procrastinating for a null sake. Why the null is in mind? I have no idea. "You have no idea?" asked my mind. I had no answer. I was dumb at that juncture. It was not even a crossroads choice to bang my head onto the wall not getting which way to go. But it was just a to and fro way point. Either I have to go or I have to walk back. I myself is being a statue for no cause. When I speak to my self, there is no need of vocal strength. There is no need of tongue usage. When the people around me are so selfish that they are even bothered to hear me, why should I even speak? I zipped my mouth with the stitches of buried humanity and varied mindsets.

Intending to pursue my dream, my intellect sought help from my brain, to activate all the cells and generate enough neurons. But as I and you know(I can never say WE as am well aware of my fellow humans), there is always a tales to a heads. In the times of decision making, there came the evil breaking the walls of my cells, haunting me and daunting me to spoil my flesh with enough and available addictive entities. A soul can't be portrayed without the help of a body.

My Brain asked questions as below:

  • Why am I rotting my flesh? 
  • Why am I fueling my evilness? 
  • Why am I drifting away from the dream island?

My conscience answered as below:

  • I am the culprit. 
  • I am the victim. 
  • I am the witness. 

Worried posture of my body in the midst of a problem can lead me nowhere. 

Labels of solutions are far away from me. May be way more far than my thought. May be it is the horizon, which I always dreamed to go to. In my dream, I started my sail. I started rowing. Rowing harder and harder the muscles and sweat out even in the sea breezes.

The waves started hitting me hard. They are obstructing me. They are tilting my direction. They are breaking my energy levels. But they don't know what I can do. Do they! No way!

I can breakthrough the waves and enter into the ocean and sail through the slit. The hope that I can reach the horizon label will be my will, a strong and robust will. Birds are teasing me catching and carrying away the fishes from the waters to its babies conveying me that "You have none but I do have someone to take care of". But I had way more things, which are meant to be dealt by me, myself. Silly bird never knows it. Dolphins are teasing me seeing my struggle. Whales are freaking me out through the sail. But they are just in the water, below me. I am above them. I am the civilized one who is able to think and act. I am the human who is being a dominion  over the living species and thereby shunning them. I am the one with the oars in my hands, sitting in my boat. I can row off these hurdles as fast as I can. It is just my mind what I have to prepare to row hard and propel. Winding out the shit out off my head and body, I can do things which I have never dared even to think.

"I am doing it now" is far better statement from "I am doing it today".

 An act is vital at its times with enough guts veined. 

Now in the mid way, if a soul comes and questions me about the dream I dreamed, I will just say "I am rowing towards it. Just get the fuck out of here and do what you can really do!" and just pass him silent.

The clarity which we have is the future of our eyes and hands. What we think and act leads to the things and places which we have to deal and see. They say; "Eyes are the most sensitive organs of our body".

A glitch in an eye is dealt with our finger itself. Else-what!
An itch on our body can be dealt with out nails itself. Else-what!
A pitch in our brain can be dealt with out eyes itself. Else-what!

My eyes are open letting off the glitch. My body is robust cleared from the scratches. My pitch is perfect denoting the unwanted sights.

Hands are on the ores caught firm and fit. Body is erect with a determined health. Eyes are wide open looking the horizon far there. I shall reach my goal, elsewhere!


Note to You:

You must have got a dream to sail. Then what are you waiting for? The monsoons? Move that ass man! The days are filling up with vacuum. The eyes are filling up with dirt. The spirit is filling up with narcotics. 

Let's clear them all. Let's wash our eyes. 
Let's clean our spirits with a pure spirit. It is our run. Only we can justify it by doing it on our own. The way we do shall set an example to our evil brain and punch it on its blind face for diverting us off the coast. 

Tarun Puchakayala

21 November 2015

Think of it..!

                   We, in the sense, We.
                   We, in the sense, most of us.
We the people of countries, states, cities and colonies have never experienced a ferocious Natural calamity and hence by we think that the Real problems are Love Failure, Financial Problems, Getting Cheated, Loss, etc., On the contrary if we observe, Daily morning we do read the newspapers, where the natural calamities and the deaths occurred are clearly mentioned in the paper which are no way published by any corporate personal for his happiness or any other shit. The newspapers work on a basic principle, that to make the people acknowledge about the most current happenings. Some people get influenced by the news from the papers and some people get awareness from the same. Basically it is in the way we think, assume and analyse. 

Fear is always there in one. What might happen? Where it might happen? What could possibly happen? What if it might not happen? Many like these haunt us. The word "happen" is a mind boggling one in the history of mankind. 

Where is the fear? Is it near? Where is it? 
You think you have it in you living in the safe, comfortable cities? You think. Don't you..!
The Real fear is out there in a baby where her bed is shaking and what all she can see around her are moving things, sliding away from the places and slipping down from the shelves. 
The Real fear is out there in a father who is struck in the midway due to the floods break away the pillars of the only way bridge to their village.

The Real fear is out there in a mother who is able to see her kids playing in the beach, and out of blue the tides are speeding towards the shore.

The Real fear is out there in a bed of whole family laying under one roof not knowing when a bomb is going to hit on them. 
A fear of death. A fear of love. A fear of innocence. In every possible way the real people or real humans are experiencing every roar of nature. They call it Mother Nature and I don’t know why!
Will a mother kill her own children? No answer they say!

Midnight while you are in a deep sleep, there comes a shake and you are dead. Even you wouldn’t know that you are dead but you will be dead. That’s for sure. How does it feel even to think for a second? Chills must be on your assets.

Your kids will be playing by the river side and there will be a sudden rise in the water level and within seconds if they are faded away in the gush. How does it feel? 
Tears would be your assets.

There are many problems. Some are caused by the fellow humans. Some are caused by the Nature, which in turn humans are proving,being the reason for it. But the way we are living in our society. The way we are leading our life in our society, our home, our colony, our state… is not at all a match to other people who have suffered.

We never were in a flood. Neither in the midst of the walls suffering a quake. Never a tsunami if you ask! We were never abandoned. We never flee from our place/colony/state/country to any another place… just to be alive.

Yes. It is happening. Humans are being named as refugees and are not being allowed into the other land and are being left alone in the oceans to be fear dead. 
Land is for the dominating species and We, humans are that fortunately. 
We, Humans are selling and buying the stones and plants among ourselves and even fighting for them.
What a pity! 
We, the people in here, living in safe cities or areas must have never experienced a natural calamity. Then, there is no way we can think of a suicide for the filthy problems we think we are having in real. They aren’t to be frank. The materialistic world has got your attention and your brain is just tracing it to some random destination through either ways.

We have never heard a series of bomb blasts, we have never seen a shower of missiles or barrel tanks from the fighter jets or fighter choppers. We have seen nothing and experienced nothing. Not even a bank robbery. We were never held as a hostage. We never know the fear of being held in a box of heated walls and eventually being left to be dead. Nothing. Nothing at all.

We are working for our stomach. Walking for our fat. Talking for our comfort. Stalking for our happiness. Earning with a greed.

“See the world with the eyes of you but not with the eyes of world.
Change the world with the hands of you but not with the hands of the world.”
Decide what you will do for the community instead of the regular..! I chose writing as I received a calling. I got it. I am honing it day by day. Sitting on my table and paper. What are you willing to do? 

Think of it. 
World will not change on its own. 
Each entity is counted to be considered a world.

Each entity it is.
I am one of the entity. The one who is reading this. Aren't you an entity? 

Think of it.

                                     - Tarun Puchakayala

13 November 2015

Move on..!


I know you are reading this and I know you are curious to read the below lines but I am not feeling like writing the bad of me in a good way. Not at all. May be, I wouldn't really think of writing good of me in a bad way for a good cause. Did you get this? If not... Read again. No issues. It's just the above line.

We all think of many things. We all dream of many things. We all plan for many things. We all  strive for many things, or may be for a few things. Not every dream turns out to be true. Not every plan gets executed. Not every sweat drop is justified. It doesn't matter what it is but when you are unable to get it post rigorous trials... It must be a true ache.

When you can't climb a tree to save a life, cut the branch. But not the one on which you have to step on to climb. 

Proverbs have a great in-depth meaning. Some think and assume it as some psychological drifts. But it is really not. It was never so. Every proverb/saying came from a broken human and also from the one who has seen the life in a much different perspective a =  and thereby enhanced the value of it. 

Every one can see but not every one can really see the pain in one. You may say, it is only possible to the loved ones. 

If it is so, psychologists wouldn't be there and here in our own city curing hundreds of patients who are suffering from Anxiety and Depression disorders. 

They did what they felt to do and also what they really wanted to do. Some people really gets the life straight in their minds. Study  --> Job --> Marriage --> Kids --> Educate them --> Settled. Who asked you to bring a life onto earth? Who forced you to take a burden on yourself and struggle all the life? All your life you have wasted the time and money(time is money)  on the kid you bore. 

I agree.. if our parents had thought in this way.. there wouldn't be ME and YOU. But may be our birth could have taken place a few years later. But even after that if the same system goes on rolling from the ancestors to heirs, there would be no meaning to your life. 

I learned some things in my life till now. 

# Be cautious from the evil of your fellow humans

# Be helpful  to your fellow humans (Even if you got to see an enemy of you getting into a trouble or into some accident, don't even think of the past which has gone... Go give your hand and your soul shall be happy)

# Be resourceful  to the youngsters and to the needy with the knowledge you have. (Knowledge is for sharing, you are not a hard disc to save enough in your filthy brain. Format it sometimes and Scan where it will reboot itself back to your main screen)

# Be Independent

# Be a god of friend(Spilling the seeds of goodness around your friends)

# Educate yourself as much as you can(Learn as much as you can. It is a big world out there, 7 continents, 4 seasons, 7 oceans, Billions of people and numerous species of flora and fauna)

# Forget the good you have done to someone and also forgive and forget the bad they have done to you. 

# Mingle at ease and float all the way up from the pulling hands. 

# Love your parents and be a boon to them(You should be the reason of their smile) 

The things which we must have done and which we have never done or never dared to must have already been done by the person behind you. The person who is daily walking along to the bus bay must be a cold blooded murderer. The person who looks always smiling in your office or college must be facing hell of a problems in the respective personal life. The kid who is playing in front of you must be fighting cancer or some disease or may be the death must be a 2 days away from the kid. We never know. Don't judge them. Don't underestimate them. Don't criticize them. Don't hate them. Don't neglect them. 

Once I ignored a call of my friend thinking he must have planned something freaky and out of my interest I couldn't say no to him for his happiness. I really couldn't. But in the late hours of that day I got to know that he met with an accident. Next day I said sorry and from then, I never ignored a call . 

I started saying a straight NO to my friends. In-order to upgrade my self and focus on my work, I had to say a No and I straight forwardly did it. 

No regrets. You can also try it. But I meet them occasionally when I feel to by directly knocking their door. 

We see many things but we learn very little things from it. The deed of yours may be of a great help to someone. The bottle that you have littered on the road must have been of a great use to a guy who broke down with the vapor of petrol. And at the same time, someone must have lost control of the bike and hurt very bad. Just because of that bottle you littered. 

Every thing you do and everything you use would be of a great impact on others. That is for sure. 

Be a caution-er.  Be a learner. Be a giver. Be a well-wisher. Be a Lover. Be a forgiver. Be a  product for the betterment of the future. 

What all I can really say from the lesson and memory of my till dated life is;

Discover a new thing in you and then invent a better thing for the mankind from which they can make the best.

You still got the minus years from the death of your  conscience.

It is just a turn where you got to regulate your patience, in-order to never derail from the track called life and drive an essence of Natural life.

If you want to witness the world sitting by the window, you got to move on.