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8 September 2015

Not this time!

The eyes which showed the excitement turned out to be sober and sober.

For in grief, there would be pain.

For fingers which entwined at times, forcefully left away.

For heart that knew the love, shall know the pain thee.

A night changes it all in all the senses.
A night changes the fate of one.
A night changes the course of line.
Where there is no compass and wind is blowing all around. The thunder storm is making the ship go off balance.The destination we set is waiting for us. Which is still all the time. A small pond is what I needed. Not the ocean which is never still. Which swallowed many lives. Which has a hunger that can never be filled. Which has a thirst of blood and tears taking away our loving ones.
Where are we headed?
Where are we headed?

Fate is so cruel. Fuck it. It is never a predicted and desired one. The way it treats us and our hearts is ruthless. No king must have been so. No dictator must have bee so.

I hate you fate. You took away what all I loved and urged for. Not again this time. My eyes are dried out. I can cry no more. I can weep no more. When there is no wiping hand when in tears, crying is senseless. I don't want to cry. Not this time.

I will wait for this one.
Let it not be lost.
Let it not be drifted away.
Let it not be dried out.
Let it not fade away.

 I am sworn to that soul. I can't take it this time. I can't bear the hunger this time. Feed me my love. Fill my pot with those little drops I die for. I will save them. I will drink them. I shall live keeping them in eyes thee.

I shall never repent for what I have loved and for what I have sown. Hands are shivering. Legs are unstable. But they don't want to walk without my shadow of soul. They miss those steps beside me.

Don't ruin it this time. I shall be waiting for the return of a new era. Where there is no cause of tears and fears that I am gona lose something I loved. Don't ruin it this time. Don't ruin it this time.

For this life, it is that soul for which I am nailed to. Hammer it hard. Don't pull it off. Hammer it hard. Till I bleed. Till I recover. Till the scars appear out. Till they are caressed by my retrieved soul.

Don't ruin it this time.
Not this time.
Not this time.