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27 August 2015

Passion, A fear?

Everyone has a goal. Everyone has a dream. Everyone has a passion.  Not everyone faces it. Not everyone chases it. Not everyone pursues it. Reality, fear, wicked world, altogether pulls your leg now or then.

Not every seed is meant to bud above the soil. Not every bud plant is meant to fruit. But the way it has to be nurtured is what that really matters. How long you keep your fear inside, exhaling the words; "It's OK. I can do it".  That long you will be fighting in yourself.

Over night success is a myth. You have to get it in the initial stages of pursuing your passion. That's the only vaccination which resists the pain for coming times.

"Prevention is better than cure".

Keep the first aid kit(Positivity) in your bag(brain) always. How many times you fall, don't bother. It's all a terrain path in front. You have got your precautions stab before itself. That's actually good. Good for you in certain.

No one or no hand is going to help you every time you kiss the ground or get wounded. "What if you got wounded in the middle of nowhere or in some isolated area?"

Realization shouldn't be the lesson. There comes no help over there. You are the only one for you.

Brainstorm yourself as much as you can. It keeps boosting you all the time, throughout your journey.

If there is ever a gut feel, pursue it no matter what happens. There's got to be some route. No place is closed on this planet, as long as the horizon is visible. As long as the vision is clear.

Fear? Kick it to the sky.