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27 August 2015

Mind your step!

In a city of traffic and sounds there was a girl who loved to stay in peace all the time. She preferred music instead of traffic sound. She preferred her legs on a cycle pedal instead of a bike or car. She preferred a bread in her room instead of food in the street. She preferred a silent park instead of a mall or some other thing. Library is her first step and bed room is her last step in a day.

A fine day she knew that she is not doing well in her life. She wants a change in her life. She wants a treasure. But she never knew that peace is the biggest treasure for one which she already had. A sack of peace is nothing more than a blank cheque. The way she dealt her things was weird in others eyes. The way she dressed was weird in others eyes. But in her mirror and her mind she was beautiful and happy. Her thoughts were her earnings.

While walking by her lane, her eyes got attention of a guy. He was simple, clean shaved, clean eyes, muscular and a good craft. He used to read newspaper sitting in her yard. She used to be on time walking in that lane in order to capture him in her eyes. She neither had enough guts to speak to him. Nor to give a sigh of hi or some other thing.

It was out of blue for her. When the guy waits for her in the opposite home. The way she was looking for him was cute and the guy was all smiles standing back to her in a distance inside the veranda. She crossed his home and slowed down her walk gradually. As she was thinking of turning back, she felt something surreal. She turned back and it was him in her eyes. She was speechless and moving her body like a crippler. What she can do when her crush stands in her front all of a sudden? What would you do? You will be left awestruck for sure. The same happened to her also.

The guy was quite smiles. When you find that someone has feelings towards you and you tease them in oppose, would be really a charming thing. No matter what you do, they will love it. They will just love it. A crush is always a smile on face and tattoo on heart.

The moment she realized that she was on road and her crush was standing in-front of her, she just came out of the rolling stars mood to normal and she turned back instantly. Her footsteps were pacing gradually. His footsteps were the only thing she can see. As her eyes were totally on the way directed to her foot. She was spying on him too. She want to talk but the girl thing is stopping her from it.
But the guy wouldn't lose that chance at any cost. Not on earth.

Hey! What is your name? he asked. That question from him made her smile. Walking in the same way, keeping her eyes down on earth, 'Twisha' she said. "Twisha! Unique name. Thank you Twisha. You have a good taste. You gave me a good option too. I love the first match itself. Tomorrow my parents will come to your home" He said and sped her away and turned to her, thereby walking reverse. Both were blushing literally. What a day it is for both of them! I  never had such moment. Not even in my dreams.

Her heart is pounding. Her gut feel is pushing her hard to chin up and speak to him. Ask his name, ask his whereabouts. But her shyness is pulling her down all the way to the earths' crust. But she gotta do it. She lifts her chin. Eyes into his eyes. His eyes into hers. Walking just like that in the lane. Out of the blue, a mini van just hits the guy and her eye balls slide with the guy banished into air and rolled onto the ground. Tears rolled in milli seconds. Her walk stopped. Shivering body and fucking brain is getting numb for a damn reason called Love.

In the absence of eyes, ears do matter. In the presence of ears, eyes do matter. One uses the primary one when both are available. And one uses the secondary one when the primary one is lost. But she doesn't know which one to be blamed. Her eyes? Her heart? Her brain? Neuroscientists also wouldn't figure it out in the matter of love.

Neither she can forget it nor she wants to remember it. If life is easy, there wouldn't be any suicides or murders. Now you must be scolding the mini van driver for hitting him as you are completely in love with these two people. I know. Even I was. I am sorry. I couldn't help it.

Miracles and accidents happen in a blink. Care for your loved one and love your caring one.

Mind your step at-least as you know you can never mind your feeling.

Passion, A fear?

Everyone has a goal. Everyone has a dream. Everyone has a passion.  Not everyone faces it. Not everyone chases it. Not everyone pursues it. Reality, fear, wicked world, altogether pulls your leg now or then.

Not every seed is meant to bud above the soil. Not every bud plant is meant to fruit. But the way it has to be nurtured is what that really matters. How long you keep your fear inside, exhaling the words; "It's OK. I can do it".  That long you will be fighting in yourself.

Over night success is a myth. You have to get it in the initial stages of pursuing your passion. That's the only vaccination which resists the pain for coming times.

"Prevention is better than cure".

Keep the first aid kit(Positivity) in your bag(brain) always. How many times you fall, don't bother. It's all a terrain path in front. You have got your precautions stab before itself. That's actually good. Good for you in certain.

No one or no hand is going to help you every time you kiss the ground or get wounded. "What if you got wounded in the middle of nowhere or in some isolated area?"

Realization shouldn't be the lesson. There comes no help over there. You are the only one for you.

Brainstorm yourself as much as you can. It keeps boosting you all the time, throughout your journey.

If there is ever a gut feel, pursue it no matter what happens. There's got to be some route. No place is closed on this planet, as long as the horizon is visible. As long as the vision is clear.

Fear? Kick it to the sky.

9 August 2015

I am smiling..!

Eyes are sobered.
Stomach is empty.
Strength is down.

I have a problem,
I am smiling.

I have problems,
I am smiling.

I am the sole reason of my problems,
I am smiling.

I am the victim for my passion,
I am smiling.

I am the reason for;
my dads' determination,
my mothers' sorrow,
my sisters' anger.
I am smiling.

I have no idea,
how they are going to receive me..!
I am bothered of their well being,
I am smiling.

I have no conscience of my future,
I am smiling.

I am in a desert of hunger,
I am smiling.

I am in a drought and famine of peace,
I am smiling.

For every mistake of mine,
in my heart, I am crying.
I am smiling.

Fir every blame, I am the name.
I am smiling.

In every feeling,
I am smiling..! I am smiling..!

Note: Don't let the eyes and lips expose your sorrow and sadness in others eyes and faces.
          You should say and act the mantra;

                                                                      I am smiling..!