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12 July 2015

In Solitude, I am a Pond.

I am here. Right here in the darkness, wandering in the wilderness. The way am walking is leading me to nowhere or may be somewhere. I don’t know. How much do one know about the blind path? At this juncture, this is what it is resembling me.

What am I to someone?
What they are to me?
What can be done to them?
What can be done to me?

I don’t know. I just don’t know.

Always they said me to go with the flow. But am in the still water. Still water never flow. My life seems to be a pond. I am from the sky and I am dried to the sky. Fishes are joyful as long as they are in me, once they are caught, they hate me… as I am a pond.

Lotus are all joy. As long as they are floating, am the world to them. But they do hate me for me being a pond.

Hatred is all-over the world. When I do think, they are the world and I hate them when they are gone. Stars are always there sparkling in me. The light is the medium which fades them away from me. I am a pond.  

Sunrise is all shine on me. Sunset is all shine on me. But mid sun is the one which eats me away. Let me live, oh sun..! I am a pond.

Stones are all play for humans, skimming on me. Joy to them. Pain for me. Let me be still, oh human..! I am a Pond.

Lads are passing by, they clean in me.
Birds are flying by, they drink by me.

Don’t you dare spit in me..!

Let me live… oh human..! In solitude, I am a pond.

                                                                                       By Me, 

                                                                                      A Pond.

                                                                           From the Owner of the Pen

                                                                                   I P Tarun