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15 July 2015

Destiny, A pithole..!

At times, there came a thought which forced me to do something new. For a second, I had to do it is, all I knew. In my mind, “I can do it” is the only sentence which grew.

The way I am living is not giving. Not at all to be frank.
The present of mine is not decent.
The future of mine is not mature.
The past of mine is fast.

Love of my soul is always a foul.
Give me some hope is what I have asked my fucking destiny all the time.
Give me some peace is what I have asked my fucking destiny all the time.
Give me some truth is what I have asked my fucking destiny all the time.

What is happening now is always out of control.

Why is this happening? Is this the destiny? Is this the fucking destiny? Is this all I can ever find or gain? Is it all I own? Fucking life?
I hate you destiny. I never loved you. I never will.

The moment I knew that there is something called destiny. I was hammered to that word. Every deed which happened in my life made me go to a war against it.

Don’t ask me why is it so..?
I have an answer. That is my life.

A normal person can never know how a paralysed human feels. But only when we meet with the numbness. When our leg suffers from numbness, we have to know how a person with a paralysed leg suffers and feels. That is it..!

All you people out there… Don’t think am in some shit or something. Everyone goes through shit. The way it is dealt is 2 ways.

1. Some just clean it up and keep walking in the same shit by doing the same mistake over and over.
2. Some just walk out of the shit and then clean it. And they will never look back to the past. They fucking don’t care.

I have realised that I do belong to the second category. I don’t know you personally. I don’t know what you went through. If you are reading this… Just know one thing.
Elect and go on. It’s your life and your choice.


                                                                                                      Written By à A fucked up guy.