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15 July 2015

Destiny, A pithole..!

At times, there came a thought which forced me to do something new. For a second, I had to do it is, all I knew. In my mind, “I can do it” is the only sentence which grew.

The way I am living is not giving. Not at all to be frank.
The present of mine is not decent.
The future of mine is not mature.
The past of mine is fast.

Love of my soul is always a foul.
Give me some hope is what I have asked my fucking destiny all the time.
Give me some peace is what I have asked my fucking destiny all the time.
Give me some truth is what I have asked my fucking destiny all the time.

What is happening now is always out of control.

Why is this happening? Is this the destiny? Is this the fucking destiny? Is this all I can ever find or gain? Is it all I own? Fucking life?
I hate you destiny. I never loved you. I never will.

The moment I knew that there is something called destiny. I was hammered to that word. Every deed which happened in my life made me go to a war against it.

Don’t ask me why is it so..?
I have an answer. That is my life.

A normal person can never know how a paralysed human feels. But only when we meet with the numbness. When our leg suffers from numbness, we have to know how a person with a paralysed leg suffers and feels. That is it..!

All you people out there… Don’t think am in some shit or something. Everyone goes through shit. The way it is dealt is 2 ways.

1. Some just clean it up and keep walking in the same shit by doing the same mistake over and over.
2. Some just walk out of the shit and then clean it. And they will never look back to the past. They fucking don’t care.

I have realised that I do belong to the second category. I don’t know you personally. I don’t know what you went through. If you are reading this… Just know one thing.
Elect and go on. It’s your life and your choice.


                                                                                                      Written By à A fucked up guy. 

12 July 2015

In Solitude, I am a Pond.

I am here. Right here in the darkness, wandering in the wilderness. The way am walking is leading me to nowhere or may be somewhere. I don’t know. How much do one know about the blind path? At this juncture, this is what it is resembling me.

What am I to someone?
What they are to me?
What can be done to them?
What can be done to me?

I don’t know. I just don’t know.

Always they said me to go with the flow. But am in the still water. Still water never flow. My life seems to be a pond. I am from the sky and I am dried to the sky. Fishes are joyful as long as they are in me, once they are caught, they hate me… as I am a pond.

Lotus are all joy. As long as they are floating, am the world to them. But they do hate me for me being a pond.

Hatred is all-over the world. When I do think, they are the world and I hate them when they are gone. Stars are always there sparkling in me. The light is the medium which fades them away from me. I am a pond.  

Sunrise is all shine on me. Sunset is all shine on me. But mid sun is the one which eats me away. Let me live, oh sun..! I am a pond.

Stones are all play for humans, skimming on me. Joy to them. Pain for me. Let me be still, oh human..! I am a Pond.

Lads are passing by, they clean in me.
Birds are flying by, they drink by me.

Don’t you dare spit in me..!

Let me live… oh human..! In solitude, I am a pond.

                                                                                       By Me, 

                                                                                      A Pond.

                                                                           From the Owner of the Pen

                                                                                   I P Tarun


11 July 2015

A Letter for her soul..!

To you,

                                                          Thy heart on due, to thee eyes..!

Possibility of flowers to the sun is way more than flowers to bees. Honour of gaining a heart is way more than losing your heart to someone. Am I in the same state? Is this all applicable to me? Yes, says my heart pounding on hard.

The way you care resembles me of none. If there was someone, wish you be the first and last.

“You are the best thing happened to me...!” I don’t want to use such words on you. Coz, we both know who happened to whom and wish we’d never regret for that. That would be a glad thing at the end of the day.

Whenever I see an Incoming call from you, I feel like… I don’t wana die. Not today. Please god..! Let me talk to her. This moment… please.

Whenever I see a text from you, I feel like… I don’t wana be this far. “Network may make us fall apart” I fear. Please network… make sure your signal strength is high for now… Please. Am standing down to the tower.

Whatever the work it is… If there is a chance of meeting you or a chance of meal… at least for a cup of coffee…. I just wana skip that work. Works can be resumed the next day, indeed. Who knows, one of us may be gone the next moment. I just don’t wana regret for skipping the chance of being in your eyes.

Those eyes are mine. When you are in mine.
Those smiles are mine. When you are mine.
Those tears are mine. When you are as mine.
When you are mine. There would be no due of owe.

Feel the pain… cover those tears in rain.
Give me the strain, I’ll wash them in a drain.

Take me down if ever I’d dare to lose you. I’ll do the same if that’s from you. Understood?
Tell me you love me. Just for once. I’ll not demand for it ever again. I’ll shower them till your last breath.

Stars, moon, candles, sea shore, kissing waves. All are waiting for us. In fact, the nature is.
No deforestation..!
No soil erosion..!
No pollution..!
No Regrets..!

Go Green. Plant a seed in my heart and it’ll bear the fruits for you. It’ll give you the shelter. Go Green.

World is all about the pearls in the shell. The one who finds it… either keeps it safe as a treasure of chest or sells it on a bargain of need. I am glad either way… To bear you a fruit and to be cut down for fire in the darkness.

                            Choose when available. Chase when unavailable.
                            Choosing is an option. Chasing is the need/wanting.

Falling for a girl like you is a play. In the search of soul, can inhale all types of feelings. Inhaled is also exhaled but only if it’s not a clay to the soul. If it is clay… once gone inside… it’s never out. It will never be though.

Promise me not to promise none that you will be forever.

Creepers crawl everywhere but the trunk stands tall to the skies in the forest.

For what you are… Love you.
For what you made me… Bow you.

Love or leave letter…! I don’t know.
It’s just to let you know that I know you.
Not completely… may be.
Give a chance to… I will be.

                                                                                                 With love…

                                                                                                                        A Soul.