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29 March 2015


It was on a Friday morning, sun was on the horizon rising and it was beaming up the rays on to the white clouds instantly turning them golden reddish.

As every morning, it was an as usual day to the Tea staller. By switching on the gas stove with the lighter, un-packing the milk packets and secretly mixing some transparent water to the white milk is no offence to him including customers. Preparing the Tea and being ready for the valuable customers was the only heaven gate to him to fill the cash counter box.

On the other side, municipal workers were the first people to wake up and get on the job of cleaning the city roads/streets. As it was the only sole mission for them in order to make the streets and main roads tidy.

There was a deal in between the municipal sweeper and the tea staller. That the sweeper should sweep and remove all the dirt, used cups from the tea-stall premises. Unfortunately, the sweeper was on leave for the past two days. And the tea staller had to do it by himself all the cleaning work.

The sweeper did come that particular morning. She cleansed/swept the stall premises and sat on the stone beamed marble with a sight of getting served by a cup of tea. At the same time, a guy stopped by and got down from a car. He just sat opposite to the woman. The guy got served with a cup of tea instantly but not the woman sweeper.

Even after the remembrance of the deal in-between tea-staller and sweeper. Both kept silent and the woman neither did ask for a cup of tea nor for a biscuit. She just left the place silently without raising any voice.

The staller had nothing in mind to be frank. The rich guy just sipped the tea. Thereby emptying it, he just threw the disposal cup on the ground and left the place by paying the money for his own cup.

The left away woman came back from nowhere and picked up the empty cup and dropped it in the trash-can, placed over there to the wall side.

The tea staller watched her doing it and just gave a smile to her. She reverted back with a way more generous smile and left the place.

Having a tidy heart is human,
having an untidy mind is evil.

Dignity of labour exposes one’s character/behaviour.