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2 December 2014

First Love..!

First love...!

It gave me the first kiss,
                      first hug,
                      first feel,
                      first moment of everything.

Every thing came walking with her,
tear with smile,
wear with gut,
fear with courage.

She filled my heart with all the emotions.

what all I could give her is,
Love...Love and Love.

That's all she meant it to be so for the ages.
The first time I felt her heartbeat made me feel a soul.

We never know,
it would end up as a rain drop on a leaf,
it was shining with the early rays...!

As the sun went rising,
the drop disappeared as vapor.

It's all how it ended,
I felt the freshness missing,
I felt the smile missing,
I felt the warmth missing,
I felt the love missing.

It's is all how it ended.

You might have ended as a drop,
but now I have found the ocean.

In normal I swim,
in storm I surf.

First love,
isn't the last one.


Just keep the memories safe,
in you..!