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20 December 2014


"Your hairdo is very becoming..!"
                                                   said her.

"Our love was as hale and hearty as ever..!"
                                                                  said me.

My eyes halted the vision for a second,
when I first saw you..!

I hankered after a big stream of kisses..!

My soul is always haranguing your absence,
about leaving me behind in the midst of this Journey..!

How come you did it..!

Oh... Dear..!
I know...
Our Love is like a play of old fashioned idioms.

But why to be plague..!

You shall sail to our island to live out this one life in idyllic repose..!
Wish so..!

Every night,
there comes a dream,
in which my soul imitates on yours..!

It might be an illusion.

But you know...

I'm all smiles even off miles..!