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23 December 2014

Writing is fighting..!

Every deed of her was amorous..!

She was a motto of altruism..!

While her thinking is an altitude,
one finds enormous gratitude..!

Whenever she comes,
the ambiance of my breathing

A walk with her is always amble,
but the flow of feelings are ample..!

Nonetheless of the cure,
prevention is our distance..!

I am a writer with a will,
stronger than fighter..!

Fighting is all I'd love to do,
through writing..!

It shall be thee..!

Every morning..!

Every morning,
I sit in a cafe
And sip a latte..!
To pen down niche...!
A word flow,
On face brings a glow..!
At times,
My heart feelings blow..!
Drag out the sorrow..!
In the pool of tears..,
Shall swim shallow..!
Coming to the shore,
I hate my shadow..!
In a lone Island...
Which is a no-man land...!
I am all alone,
My eyes are all prone..!
In a glimpse of sight...
Nothing to behold..!
Keep on hold...
A hope Inn...!
I Will...
My will.


We humans are lovers

We leave it to-
our ego to decide...
who we can be,
                         at times..!

When we love,
we go blind..!

We see nothing
the positives in the Bae..!

You know..
When we hate,
our blind vision returns,
making fool of us..!

We see everything...
negatives in the Bae..!

Isn't it unfair..!

It is..!

Good and bad are things,
which make

Love is a bond in between two.
When the third peeps in..
the relation soars..!

A juncture comes...
one has to choose the One..!
It's tough..!

Swift road is pebbled up with stones of doubts,

It's messy..!

Just rewind the memoir of love journey,

Get that blind stone off the way...
Comfort yourselves,
coz effort throwbacks..!

To err is human,
but to forgive is divine..!

Even in the rain,
buckle up for the terrain..!

Once you meet,
it shall be a feat..!

The ambiance be the gala air..!

Wine be divine..!

It shall be a cling..!
When One on your dine
               the knelt one
               the fingered ring..!

while you swing...!

If you are broke,
Time heals..!

Togetherness is happiness..!

20 December 2014


"Your hairdo is very becoming..!"
                                                   said her.

"Our love was as hale and hearty as ever..!"
                                                                  said me.

My eyes halted the vision for a second,
when I first saw you..!

I hankered after a big stream of kisses..!

My soul is always haranguing your absence,
about leaving me behind in the midst of this Journey..!

How come you did it..!

Oh... Dear..!
I know...
Our Love is like a play of old fashioned idioms.

But why to be plague..!

You shall sail to our island to live out this one life in idyllic repose..!
Wish so..!

Every night,
there comes a dream,
in which my soul imitates on yours..!

It might be an illusion.

But you know...

I'm all smiles even off miles..!


7 December 2014

All the time...

All the time,
they pull my leg.

Eventually.. I draw my leg back to me,
pulling them up..!

With me,
to the success...
wish I give the Right to the wrong..!

Ignoring is easy,
changing is tough.

Instead of ignoring them,
                change them. 


Every day,
I think of her.

Yes, I do.

When all alone,
I am never alone,
she is with me..!

When all crowded,
I am in her company,
I am with her..!

They say,someday...
I will lose her.

But, that someday...
I will lose myself in even.

I never knew,
it's all in her which is in me.

We shall never walk alone...!

Hope so...!

World wants everything.
Even though it fetched us nothing.

When I ask for a help,
I never got it in certain.

But as a preposition,
I got a suggestion.

Those suggestions...
Instead of help sought,
made me hunt for mankind.

The humanist who tries to help and fail,
the human who acts to help and win...!

The greed is everywhere,
instead humanity lasts somewhere...!

Hope so...!


I feel good with clothe on my skin.

Bare body,
bare foot.

A touch
A step.

Brings  Pleasure

Under the roof,
bounded in the four walls.

I wish you were here...
                                  with me...
                                                   with a Bare soul.  

If I knew...!

If I knew,
I would lose you forever,
I would never let go of me.

As I love you,
you loved me so.

As the Branches move of air,
so be the air from branches.

There is always a cycle,
in all the forms of life.

Even in Love,
which keeps us alive. 

4 December 2014

Not in this world

I always had that spiritual thing in me,
to be good and to be aware of bad.

But you know,
as i grew,
the one who pissed me off is,
not god,
but the priest.

They no longer,
preach for god.
But for currency.

If they do,
they never agree for it.
They say,
god is giving them.

They are preaching in a box,
with motto of influencing.

You guys steeped down all the truths from holy books,
as centuries went on...
it went on changing with kings,
priests and sometimes people.

Every one knows that,
but they never admit it.

I don't know about the people.
But i am gona believe and pray.
Never in front of that priest.

Not in this world. 

2 December 2014

First Love..!

First love...!

It gave me the first kiss,
                      first hug,
                      first feel,
                      first moment of everything.

Every thing came walking with her,
tear with smile,
wear with gut,
fear with courage.

She filled my heart with all the emotions.

what all I could give her is,
Love...Love and Love.

That's all she meant it to be so for the ages.
The first time I felt her heartbeat made me feel a soul.

We never know,
it would end up as a rain drop on a leaf,
it was shining with the early rays...!

As the sun went rising,
the drop disappeared as vapor.

It's all how it ended,
I felt the freshness missing,
I felt the smile missing,
I felt the warmth missing,
I felt the love missing.

It's is all how it ended.

You might have ended as a drop,
but now I have found the ocean.

In normal I swim,
in storm I surf.

First love,
isn't the last one.


Just keep the memories safe,
in you..!