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29 November 2014

Oh... kinjal..!

Oh... kinjal..!

The day you met me,
I knew that is the dusk,
welcoming dawn.

How come you made me mad,
in-fact my heart is so glad,
you are as fresh as a lad.

The nature greets you with a flower,
when you pass by.

A creature cries,
when you are near by.

No dream is complete without you.

What have you done to me,
oh.. kinjal..!

The way you make me think,
is beyond my IQ.

I never knew,
I would meet you.

I never knew,
I would greet you.

I never knew,
I would treat you.

All the words,
shall flow on to your feet.

In describing you,
my pen never stammers.

Please be with me,
until I find me,
which is you.

When i find me,
which is you,
I shall never let it go.

This poem is for you,
oh... kinjal..!

You are the woman,
with beauty in your charm

The kindness of you is highness,
the love of you is soft as dove,
the innocence of you is a licence.

Please be with me,
until I find me in you.

If you found me in you,
please keep me safe.

oh... kinjal,
you are nailed to my heart.

I can neither take it out,
nor keep it safe.

Keeping you in,
I shall die thee.

                                                         - lines by Tarun Puchakayala