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9 November 2014

Being Human

Every day asks me to be crazy,
as i wake up from bed being lazy.

The part of me,
which indeed defines me,
is often in the crisis of love.

Not from sharing,
but from gaining, acquiring.

Being a human is a big deal,
letting the beggar beg as every day,
not even offering something for a hope to him/her.

Letting away someone do the mistake,
putting away the works in a wrong way,
fearing of making things in a righteous way.

Way... way... way...
No matter which way it is,
we think of making it short and sweet,
instead of right and sweat.

Day... day... day
Counting every day, every second, every thing,
for a cause or not,
but we just do.

Right path is a myth.

Be a human for yourself at-least,
if it's a big deal for being human for others good.

It may lead to places someday,
as humans are the only ones for humans.