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25 November 2014

Baby... you are in me...!

I need you.

I missed you when i needed you most,
you played hide and seek at times,
which was a life and death matter for me.

Time took you so fast,
the same time never bought you back,
I was watching over the time,
wishing it to bring you back.

At times, when we spent it by holding hands..!

I never forgot it,
which asked me to replay it often,
but i seldom saw in you in dreams,
I know you will never be back,
but when i see you... I feel you are mine.

Despite of your permission,
I took you in me,
I kissed you,
I love you more than anyone...!

But you always hid it underneath,
baby bring it out when you feel so,
my eyes are waiting to keep you in them safe...!

There by making you to store in my brain,
and not to let you fade away,
not even by chance...!

Flesh may be the lousy,
it might be ripped off,
but heart beat can never stop,
what all it's pumping is your love,
which is blood indeed,
baby... you are allover my body..!

Baby... you are my blood.

With out you...
I am not me.
I am dead the moment I lose you...!

Baby... never leave me,
my flesh needs you as long my heart does,
when you heat up i am weak...!

When you are cold blooded,
I am weak...!

Keep me moderate,
keep me warm,
there shall never be no harm to you and me,
as long as you are in me ...!

I will never make my self hurt,
if I did you will me out of me,
I shall be safe and keep you safe...!

Baby... you are in me.
Just be so...!