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9 November 2014

A dawn of rays...!

Sitting in a chair,
down to roof.

Cuddling over the bed sheet,
to keep up the warm.

Pebbling over the pillows,
to look out for a view,
through that window.

It's a spring morning,
asking me to walk down the aisle,
looking at the nature rebirth.

Fresh leaves shining the greenery,
with the morning rays essence.

Stray dogs sleeping in the dig pots,
by their claws.

Kids playing in the streets,
cycling busy in all smiles.

Girls walking for a refreshment,
Old ages walking for a procurement.

Sky is all set for a new beginning,
with a reflection of it on the water pond.

Birds with their colonies,
humming around clueless.

The morning which made,
bats to rest to those branches hanging on.

A freshness for a few,
a tiredness for a few.

Whatever it is,
it's morning.

Dawn is awake,
resting the dusk.

Rest be the rest,
come out of the nest.

Fly fly fly...!
To the skies,
for your dreams.