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23 October 2014

To every Friend of mine

I knew you since i knew my shadow,
since i plucked flower in a meadow.

You taught me, when i was wrong.
You fought me, when i was strong.

The walk in empty street,
the dance in boozing treat...!

You taught me bad,
you also taught me that it is bad.

Showing the good from a perspective,
to lead a life in a bold respective...!

We have done shit,
fell in the pit,
but climbed out hopping on one another...!

Making ourselves,

Wicked world named us as idiots.
But we knew who it is exactly...!

The power of imagination,
can be known by recognition.
We shall explore every nation...!

We never know when would be our last day on this sand,
if one of us is dead, keeping head down here comes our hand...!

Smuggling the feelings,
selling the smiles,
wiping the tears...!

Win/lose we be the crazy assholes,
facing the world in whole...!!