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9 October 2014

She.... is a snare...!

She knew very well that i am gona not leave her shadow till she is down. At this juncture, the street lights went off, she paced her walk which was haunted my mine. Every street has a dog with a tail but not a sharp teeth. Even though it had, it was single though. The walk became a run ascending parallel to the heartbeat. she was running all the street in zig zag, what ever the way she can. I was trying to grab her neck and smash her to the ground.

I know why i am chasing her...
I know why i am dying to kill her...

You will know soon.

It is always said that
"the way the snake moves and
 the way the eagle flies in the sky is hard to find"

As like as a woman.

Her eye is a snare to death.
Her curves are a verge of slide to death.

Once you fell into the pit. Then it is the Coffin you made on your own.

she may take your senses away along with that heart you gave her.
But is it worthy?
Did you give it to the right one?
Is she keeping it safe underneath her soul?

Else is she acting the way of an eagle or snake?
"Even though you feed the snake with milk, it bites when you are in it's way"

Neither it is a pet to be hailed,
nor the treasure to keep safe.

She is a distraction.
She is a wall which hides your goals. Break the wall, i say...!

"There might be a woman behind the success of every man"
But there is also a woman behind every downfall/suicide/mental illness.

Mind it...!

If she is a cage to bound in,
then she is the same cage to make you bound in it.

Why am i writing this... ?
Why am i frustrated....?
Why am i comparing her to the move of a snake?

If you are mind is raising these questions in order to know the reason behind it. Then i shall let you describe and emphasize what she did to me.

 One fine day i loved a girl who was living up to my flat. The introduction with her was pretty synonym to every other love story. I neither believed in the love at first sight nor she did it. Every night i used to hear the sound of a bed cart moving from one end to other. Sitting in my room, i used to watch over to the roof and gaze to the sound of movement as my reciprocation. I couldn't tolerate it any bit as i was in an over hauled frustration that i am unable to write a page of my journal... in one hand the ciggerate is leaving the smoke with a lousy ash about to fall on the floor.

I leaved it for that moment ignoring it might be a shifting or re-arranging of things.

After a while when i was leaning to my back and almost got an idea of writing something.... and i got back immediately in front of my laptop. When my finger pressed a key on it... i got disturbed the the same fucking sound from the above floor. I got up from my chair leaving it out dragged to the wall back to me. I just rushed to the above floor, knocking the door heavily, shouting u bloody sound maker... open up and stand in front of me.

Breaking the barrier of anger and frustration... the door opens up showing a curve of her... which has nothing but a skirt on her. She made her introduction to her by pleasing me and asking an excuse for the sound made by her. My body felt the mint in the air.

How could i be so weak to an opposite gender questioned my ego...!!
But if you look at a wonder, there would be jaw drop moment and the eye rubbing moment.

At that moment i had it.

Literally, she didn't swept me off but she gave me a hard on. There was a bulge somewhere down. I can feel the heat with out even touching it. As it underneath. And i am the only one who knew it. She knew nothing except my face and the disturbed hair. My eyes made me believe that i shall make my bed move soon.

to be continued.....