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12 October 2014

prey to thy heart...!

Your eyes are a prey to my heart,
enlighten and tighten the knot.

Sizzling breeze made her hair dance,
making my eyes to have a glance.

Nonetheless of leaving the chance,
eluded thy heart bounce it, shall win thee.

Seeing you,
eyes and moves stammer,
love is all hammered, solemnly.

It’s dark;
scattering moon light,
trembling stars.
Wish you were my distraction, for ages.
Laboring for you, exempted be my wages.

Leaves may wither,
stars may tither,
your replica be in my eyes.

Honey bee pollinates,
nature has its reason.

You are an ice, i am the coal,
my heat thee melt you,
in the dew bath,
our warm bodies be wet, blending with sweat…!

A cell from my flesh,
be dropped in your flesh of blood.
Virginity be a taboo…!

Love be the fuel,
our journey be a jewel…!