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8 October 2014

Moment of life

  The day i left the place where i was born and hailed at, made me clean. I keep worrying about the streets i walked in and about the sands in which i fell down, again stood up on my feet and ran like hell. The life was all about the impacts on a mind and how to overcome them.

When ever i made a promise i used to worry whether i can make it or not. The days which are joyful are remembered well as well as the most suffered one. How can i forget my first day of my school? But i do remember the first kiss of mine, first moment i rode bicycle, the first moment when i fell from the roof and broke my bone, the first time i dared to drive my dad bike when he was asleep,etc., All the mischievous things are well defined to be stored safe in one's memory. Because if you can remember a happiest moment of your life, you can also remember the saddest moment too. Its all about the heart you felt, not about the eyes which you saw or ears which you heard.

The place which made you weep,
                which made you laugh,
                which made you play,
                which made you down,
                which made you love,
                which made you fight is no longer.

"At times be writing as much as you can... but only when you feel to" said a friend of mine. He is no more now.

I used to write love letters for him. I used to write notes for him. I used to write records for him.

But i wish i had a chance to rewrite his fate to live upon this earth a few more years with me... making my life a worth while.

People say, the nicest people die early on earth. It's not fair if it's true. I decline in all the aspects with god or what ever the force it is. The way we born crying  by leaving a smile on our mother face is more precious one, which is meant to be our birthday. But the way we die leaving the same mother alone on this wicket world is not fair.

The life tenure is no more depended on the food we eat or the diet we take. But it's purely on the basis of the way we live, the way we think, the way use our senses. Even though you are cent percent careful, your life is totally depended on the opposite person who is driving on to you or on the worse minded, drunken and careless driver who is back to you. That is all fate, said the same people.

People are wicked. They trust what they don't see, they follow what they never knew.

You never know when you are gona die. You just never know.
Literally speaking.

Don't keep up the hope for tomorrow.
Live up for this running second.
Smile is yours.

Bothering about something which is not yours and
crying for something which can never return to you is all shit.

Just keep your hand on your heart and if you can feel that beat...
That's it. You are alive.
Just accept the moment and move on.