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12 October 2014

In a Train

Staring at the people, all are different in looks,
i cannot predict their nature.
While some are smiles and some can disclose the grief of their pain,
the need be prey to their problems,
thy hunger shall fill it on its own.
Smiles are all fake,
eyes are all cheaters.
The nose can sniff,
but cant taste.
Taste be of any kind,
nonetheless of taste buds its vain.

Boarding up the train,
watching all the seats, eyes searching for a beauty,
to have a glance and swallow the water.

Let the mouth do its work,
making the wounds more infected.
The people may not be intelligent,
but they are not innocent.

All the minds are lying down on the coach,
in redeem of their past,
and in fear of their future.

The crow can cry,
but we never know.

All of them has covered their eyes with a smile,
hiding the pain underneath.
Journey never ends,
life never blends with sheath of death.

Every glance has its vision of approach,
every deed has its mission to achieve.

Journey be directed,
will be erected...!