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11 October 2014


The road made me miss you,
the long journey made me miss you,
the walk down the aisle made me miss you...!

Every dusk reminds me of you,
every dawn reminds me of you...!

The door which i always closed, warned me not leave it that way,
and not let the memories fade away...!

A warm heart it is,
a strong knot it is...!

It welcomes me in smile,
it welcomes me in tears,
it welcomes me in fear...!

In every season,
not without a reason...!

Hiding all the treasure,
gliding all the pleasure...!

Sunlight through thy window,
also the moon light through thy window...!

The ventilation bought the rays inside,
making me feel all the way that i am home...!

I wish i am in a dream,
but my eyes are open...!

Nothing feels like a home,
wish i make it in Rome...!

The more i miss it,
the more i love it...!