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12 October 2014

Getting out...!

The sands are calling you,
the waters are sailing you…!

Go for a play in sand,
go for a swim in water…!

The empty heart is looking for a soul in,
the dark night is looking for the soul to break in…!

Every heart got to beat,
every nights got to heat…!

The play of clay was memory,
the game of dragonflies was memory,
Many memories of play times are of nostalgia...!

Presence of absence is illusion,
just take a resolution…!

The blood is to be pumped in heart,
the flood is to be washed in eyes…!

Fingers be shaken,
heart be broken…!

Glimpse of her walk made me lose me…!

The gravity did work
the gravity did work…!

I am back to her,
I am into her…!

Getting out of her ,
is getting out of me...!