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12 October 2014

An illusion

Deep breath is mine,
more deeper than a mine.
The closet of thoughts is all open,
dragging all the fusion into it.
The fuse of our body be soul,
which is a myth anyway.

The petals of flower may fall apart,
the metals of tower may break apart.

The bigger the dreams,
greater it aches.

More the nightmares,
more the sweat.

More the anguish,
more the fight.

The problem may lead to solution,
but not without a resolution.

The inner demon is melting you down,
not to be the real you.

But the fight is still on,
making that breathe of you switch on.

The tears be the barriers of pain,
smile with pride, be the resurrection of it.

Glad you are reading this,
because for you i meant this.