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26 October 2014

A password did the magic...!

I always wondered why lovers keep exchanging the passwords of social media accounts which they own. And after break up, the party doesn't end. They do fight again for the passwords.
Crazy… I got reminded of a real story with the same kind.

After break up, Srujan and Kinjal spent their lives in their home struggling to forget and move on.  One fine day, Srujan was back into his real world. Back to office and all stuff. He felt everything was quite happy. And in his office, there was a new colleague. So, there was a welcome party. They all gestured and welcomed the new colleague warmly. First thing he was asked by the new colleague was his Facebook profile name.
By the way, the colleague was a Girl for your surprise. As he said it “Srujan vully”, she searched for it instantly and sent the friend request.
Reminding, Srujan to accept her friend request… she left into her cabin.

Then he got reminded that he has a Facebook account which was not in use since 2 months roughly. He took his Tab to log in. Here comes the real problem, it shows as “Incorrect password”. Srujan did not understand it for a while. The first thing which came into his mind was Kinjal…!

“Did she change it…!” he shouted with a doubt and surprise.
He took his car keys and walked out of the office with due permission of 2 hours from his manager.
He started his car.
“Why did she change my Facebook password?
How dare she did it?”
These were the only questions which were running in his mind and coming out of his mouth. All of a sudden, he got reminded that he knew her Facebook password.
By signalling on the left indicator, steered to the left with a pressure laid hard on the break pedal. He took out the tab and tried to log-in into her account with the password he knew.But in vain.

His anger got no limits.

“Everything is ruined and now she wants to play with my personal life...?” He shouted in air packed car beating on the steering hardly.

He hits the gas making her flat as his destination with a perfect route map in his brain.
Eyes being the vision, he got to her place so fast.

When he reached the elevator, even it troubled him. He rushed on to her flat by climbing up the stairs. He stops in middle of 5th floor and shits himself that…
“Why the fuck am I smoking…?” I am unable to climb even these steps for god sake.

He rings her door bell. Void to nil response, knocked the door rapidly. He was bloody frustrated.

Here she comes and opens the door.
With a cool breeze touching his head, what happened to him god knows but he was damn silent. He bowed down for her beauty. It melted his heart.

Neither she did question him,
nor  she slammed the door on his face. Instead, she welcomed him in.

“Who is it?” Kinjal' s mom shouts.

“Friend ma…!” she shouts.

Silence was the presence in the room. Srujan was sweating like hell.
She observed it and turned on the A/C.

He got relaxed with the instant power cooling. She went into the kitchen and came out with a tray (Glass of water and some sweets).

She placed them on the Teepoy and said; “Have it”.

“Thank you” he replied by drinking water.

With utter satisfaction and relaxation, he asked; “why sweets?”
With a bloody doubt in his mind.

“Sweets… ah___!”

Wait, “Are you getting married?
How the hell can you?
It’s  just been a couple of months having a break up. That’s it.” He said.

“You girls Na…” He murmured again by not giving any chance to her.

“Stop it.” She shouted.

“They are just sweets. Sweets are not only meant for marriages but also for birthdays.” She said, sounding exhausted.

“Oh… shit. So, today it's your Birthday...!"
Okh… what ever, did you change my password?” He questioned with much anger in his face, which came from the downfall before her by not remembering her Birthday.

“Yes, I did the very next day of our break up. Expecting you to knock my door that day itself.
But it took you 2 months” She said with a sad face.

“I….” he stammers.
“I am sorry” he completes with much difficulty and gets up from his chair trying to leave.

“Don’t you dare?
Enough is enough. It’s been 2 months. No call or nothing.
What the hell did you think? I would marry another one and name the born kid after you…!” she said.

“My name…?” he stammers again.

“Yea… bloody name. God must be crazy. He made me meet you and I don’t even know where he is now when I am alone... missing you.” She said wiping the tears on her cheek.

“Kinju…. Please. I am sorry. I thought it’s all over. Do you know, It took me 2 months to be back into my normal life. And this is my first day to my office after 2 months of sick leave.” He said sadly.

“Sickness…? What happen to you?
Were you drinking out that bloody whisky whole time?” She slapped him hard with out any hesitation and crying out loud.

With that slap on his right cheek, he gets stunned and feels ashamed of not recognizing her love all those days. And even for not trying to reconnect with her.

He drags her into him and hugs her.

“Sorry Honey. I will never make you fall apart.
I’ll walk with you to the ages.” He murmurs in her ear.

In the mean while, her mom comes hearing all the conversation. But she stands still hiding back to the curtain only. She was patiently waiting to see the magic of love and she did indeed.

Kinjal and Srujan got married the very next month with out any regrets.

The Facebook password did all the magic.

This was the end of the sorrow in their life and a welcome card for a new beginning.
They were the only couple who made a meaning for the reason behind exchanging of passwords.

“Anything can happen anytime” is all I've learned from their story.

I seldom visit them as they are long away from my place.
But asking this couple about the destiny and reality, it made me think a while with the answer i got from Kinjal. 

“We don’t know about the destiny or reality. What all we knew was ‘To love and to forgive’. If not that day, the other day. He would definitely come to me and knock my door. Because, i hacked all his accounts of him… including the social media.” Kinjal replied and I can see the shocking face of Srujan who was sitting next to us.

He didn't even know that until now. She didn't open up, making it underground.

Ha ha… I was laughing like hell.

Srujan got on his feet and
the pillow fight begins.

You know; I am enjoying it.
Sometimes, Life is all a magic of love.
Feel it, Experience it.


                                   - With Love
                                                              Written by Tarun Puchakayala