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23 October 2014

A hope, tight as rope....!!

Hunger strikes them to raise the palm to the sky,
they do strive to fly,
wicked world made their life a lie...!

Their crop of life is about to die,
but they dare to harvest what is left...!

Every night reminds of hunger,
to keep them stronger...!

Help may not give them what they wanted.
But hope is all they needed...!

When the pavement be under,
bed sheet be the cover,
hiding the flesh lower..!!

A sip of water in thirst,
instead saliva is all left to swallow...!

Hard times are rough,
Still being tough...!

The power of love makes them strong,
they live life in a fear of hope,
proving us wrong, they fight for what they need...!

Every signal i do stop at makes me feel bad,
and then sad...!

There comes a hand asking for money,
a coin satisfies them,
but none cares...!

Give them something,
when world named them as beggars,
we made them orphans...!

They do breathe,
they do live,
they do sense...!

Give them hope,
with a coin of hope,
the bond between humans shall be tight as Rope...!